ProBel to help solve HD audio sync woes

Pro-Bel is looking to help solve HD audio sync problems with VALID8, the brand new HD, eight-channel audio version of the Vistek product line’s VALID.

The company says VALID8 has been designed to provide foolproof assistance in the battle against the ever-present problem of audio/video synchronisation issues. There are a host of places in the broadcast program chain where video and/or audio processing delays can occur and consequently video/audio sync problems. VALID8 provides users with a simple but accurate method of assessing these timing issues and therefore allowing a solution to be implemented.

VALID8 (Video and Audio Line-Up and Identification) is designed for today’s HD world and works with any HD standard. In addition, there are now eight audio channels – four left-right pairs – rather than the previous four. VALID8 can also produce and measure SD signals if required.

The Generator produces four separate signals: a user-definable test pattern background; two dynamic display elements (the video equivalent of a film clapper board); up to eight channels of audio and; ID – up to four lines of user-defined captions plus a central indication of the original standard and audio level.

Users can detect A/V delay on a purely visual/aural basis. The VALID8 Reader can display timing errors to the nearest millisecond. It can also indicate whether there has been any channel crossover or if there is phase error between left and right. The actual level of signals can be displayed in a variety of metering formats.

“VALID8 is very simple to use and produces an almost indestructible signal. This is important because it means it can be compressed, recorded, replayed and transmitted. Provided some video and audio survives, then the VALID signal can be measured for video/audio delay,” concludes Kim Francis, Product Specialist.

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