Panasonic's CMOS Sensor Enables to Take 3D Video With Single Lens reports that

Panasonic Corp developed a 2.1-Mpixel CMOS image sensor for camera systems capable of taking 3D movie with a single lens and announced it at ISSCC 2013 (thesis number: 27.8).

Traditionally, two lenses and two CMOS sensors are required to take 3D video. But Panasonic enabled to do it with a single lens and a CMOS image sensor.

For taking 3D video, it is necessary to separate light into light entering the left eye and light entering the right eye and to make sure that the two types of lights come to different pixels of the CMOS sensor. To realize this, Panasonic employed a structure that combines a lenticular lens and mirror elements (digital micro lenses: DMLs) made by forming patterns whose size is smaller than light wavelength with a lithography technology.





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