Now, a Camera Which can Click 3D Pics from a Km Away reports that Researchers have developed a new laser powered camera system that creates high-resolution 3D images of objects from up to a kilometer away. A standard camera takes flat, 2D pictures. To get 3D information, such as the distance to a far-away object, scientists can bounce a laser beam off the object and measure how long it takes the light to travel back to a detector

The technique, called time-of-flight (ToF) navigation systems for autonomous vehicles, and other applications , but many current systems have a relatively short range and struggle to image objects that do not reflect laser light. Researchers have tackled these limitations and reported their findings in the journal Optics Express.

The research team, led by Gerald Buller, professor at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, describes a ToF imaging system that can gather high-resolution , 3D information about objects that are typically very difficult to image, from up to a kilometer away.


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