Promo Material Suggests Sony Honami Smartphone May Shoot 4K Video reports that they admittedly don’t know a great deal about the provenance of the slide below. It was first picked up on Chinese social networking site Weibo, but the original post seems to have been deleted. What we do know, however, is that Sony’s forthcoming flagship phone, codenamed Honami, has already been rumored to possess a 4K-ready processor (the Snapdragon 800), and that Sony is wildly enthusiastic about 4K as something that can unite its expanding hardware ecosystem. The slide’s title therefore has a ring of truth to it, because it’s accompanied by Bravia branding and sounds like realistic marketing babble from a TV-focused presentation:
“How do you get 4K content? By shooting videos with a 4K cellphone.”

Marketing slide suggests Sony's Honami smartphone may shoot 4K video



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