Depth wish: Sony’s man at the top says 3D movies are here to stay, and then some If you think “Gravity’s” eye-boggling 3D effects are out of this world, you ain’t seen nothing yet, says a man who should know.

The man with the vision — actually, the stereo vision — is, in fact, a Twin Cities native: Grant Anderson, executive director of the Sony 3D Technology Center, based at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif.

In the not-too-distant future, he predicts, we’ll be viewing virtually everything in depth: movies, TV, concerts, even the 3D-encrusted walls of our homes.

Best of all, this will be accomplished without the crutch of those pesky specs over our nose.

Instead of 3D being the minority artistic choice it is today, mainly on behalf of animated films and action-heavy blockbusters, it will become par for the course

Over on the sidelines, old-school 2D will be relegated to specialty use, a la, say, black-and-white today.


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