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CES Report: Panasonic, NBC Olympics Team Up for 3D Games; Social TV Is Front and Center

NBC Universal will broadcast more than 200 hours of Olympics coverage in 3D, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, according to a new deal between Panasonic and NBC Olympics. Speaking at Panasonic’s CES press event, NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel said, “It’s great to be here and be part of this announcement. I have been […]  More

3D: The Next Big Thing?

The annual Tech Retreat of the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) is where many new technologies get introduced. Sony reportedly “introduced” its F65 camera and SR-memory technologies at this year’s exhibition of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas in April; more than a year earlier, both were described for HPA Tech Retreat attendees. […]  More

Next-Gen 3D Sets Could Solve Passive/Resolution Tradeoff

The debate over passive vs. active 3D glasses, and their respective tradeoffs, may be history sooner rather than later, according to Matt Cowan, chief scientific officer of RealD. Next-generation developments, he says, promise to combine the best of both worlds. During a presentation at the SMPTE 3D Conference in New York City last month, Cowan […]  More

Dolby Next-Gen 3D Glasses Available

Dolby Laboratories’s next-generation Dolby 3D glasses are available and compatible with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema systems currently installed. “With the newly designed Dolby 3D glasses, we look to maintain the premium quality visual performance that Hollywood has come to expect from Dolby 3D, while providing a more comfortable fit for cinemagoers and a lower price […]  More

XpanD Allows User To Personalize Active 3D Glasses

One interesting development in active-glasses technology at CES is the introduction of YouUniversal glasses by XpanD. The company is taking personalization of the 3D experience to a whole new level with the help of software that can be operated on a smartphone and allows the user to customize settings on the glasses to suit the […]  More

3D: It's All the Little Things

Looking at a 3D monitor, you’ll probably need to be wearing 3D glasses.  But looking down at your switcher controls, intercom, or notes, you’d probably rather not. That’s why All-Mobile Video engineer-in-charge Richie Wirth, Jr. came up with 3D “bifocals” (actually, half glasses).  They work perfectly.  More

This Thing Called 3D

It has been a heck of a month for 3D announcements.  Comcast carried The Final Destination in 3D on the day of its DVD release. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) seemed all about 3D.  The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued a report on 3D TV.  The program recently posted for next month’s Hollywood Post Alliance […]  More

XpanD Believes Active 3D Glasses Will Rule

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially over, the hard work of turning the 3D hype at the show into reality begins. Consumer displays will soon be hitting store shelves, and distributors like DirecTV and networks like ESPN and Discovery will deliver 3D content to homes by June. For consumers and even industry professionals interested […]  More

3D Glasses and Color

One of the reviews of 3D at the Consumer Electronics Show, by Scott Greczkowski in Multichannel News <>, contained these sentences: “To me 3D is missing the eye popping color, everything is a color of gray or blue. Bright vibrant colors such as red, yellow and green are too dampened all because your wearing what […]  More

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