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Swiss Metal Band Teronation Delivers Sound by DPA Microphones

Although classical and acoustic musicians have long appreciated the clear, natural sound delivered by DPA microphones, it may surprise some people to learn that thrash betal artists are also getting in on the act. Swiss band Teronation is the latest thrash metal band to discover the benefits of DPA’s high-quality sound and is now regularly using […]  More

Tech Focus, Part 1: Surround Microphones Inch Closer to Primetime

The dedicated surround microphone occupies a unique niche in pro audio in general and sports broadcasting in particular: somewhat exotic, technically sophisticated, relatively expensive, alluringly complex, yet seductively suggesting a simple solution at a time when 5.1 surround or more has become ubiquitous. Still, market penetration, particularly in broadcast, has been relatively slight. The high […]  More

Shotgun Microphones: Lots of Choices, Tweaks in an Old Favorite

It’s a mature market sector, but shotgun microphones continue to get incremental refinements to their operation. Here’s what the lay of the land looks like now. Audio-Technica Both the 14.96-in. BP4027 and the 9.29-in. BP4029 stereo shotgun models feature independent line-cardioid and figure-of-eight elements configured in an MS (mid-side) arrangement with switch-selectable internal matrixing. They […]  More

TSN’s All-Star Curling Skins Game Is a Talkative Show

The holidays are over, the nights are long, and it’s freezing outside. It’s time for curling! Canada’s other national pastime has an upcoming major event, the Dominion All-Star Curling Skins Game Jan. 19-20, which will be broadcast live on TSN from Casino Rama in Rama, ON. A1 Graham Zapf, who will mix the show from […]  More

Surround Sound: In a Mostly 5.1 World, Mics Are Still Mostly 1.0

Discrete 5.1 surround audio is now the standard for sports on network television. The continued growth of home theater ensures that more viewers will want to listen in 5.1, which is helping drive both matrixed and discrete surround sound into regional-broadcast markets and even into high school markets: for instance, broadcaster COTV in Central Oregon […]  More

MLB Has Ambitious Plan for Live Field Audio

The March 7 spring-training telecast of the Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks game on the MLB Network will mark a milestone in broadcast audio: the first time live audio content will be aired by MLB. Up to six players per team will be wired for sound, as will several coaches and umpires. Field sound effects […]  More

In TSN Curling Broadcasts, Audio Gets Top Billing

Obscured by the weekend’s first NFL postseason games was a rather important event up north. The TSN Curling Skins Game featured four of the best curling teams in the world competing for $75,000 in prize money on a curling rink purpose-built for the event at the Casino Rama in Rama, ON. It was an opportunity […]  More

Shotguns Move Slowly Toward Surround Sound

So much of sports broadcasting’s audio infrastructure is now built out for surround sound, but the shotgun microphone remains primarily a mono proposition, increasingly stereo but largely resistant to the multichannel movement. Sanken offers the only single-piece example in the form of its WMS-5 five-channel surround-sound microphone. Jim Pace, president of Plus24, Sanken’s Western Hemisphere […]  More

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