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B&H To Host Polecam Starter Pack Premiere

B&H will premiere the Polecam Starter Pack at The Studio Showroom on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Polecam is a leader in truly portable systems for digital film and television content creation. The Polecam Starter Pack is the new rig designed for use with latest-generation compact camcorders and D-SLR heads while retaining all the versatility for which […]  More

Polecam’s World Cup Camera Becomes Goalcam/Stadium System

Following the company’s success in providing HD cameras to Camera Corps for last year’s World Cup in South Africa, Polecam has productised what it refers to as its Goalcam/Stadium camera system, selling units to SIS LIVE and M-Net amongst others. The system comprises three Toshiba IK-HR1S cameras: two lightweight Goalcams are fitted with Theia 125° […]  More

IBC 2010 – 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D

There was plenty of 3D at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam this year.  At the awards ceremony, alone, the audience was frequently asked to don 3D glasses to see clips from the winners (before viewing a portion of the not-yet-released 3D movie Tron: Legacy).  But the first sentence of the first comment posted […]  More

IBC 2010: New Polecam-Specific Lens Offers High-Res Images

At IBC 2010 in September, Polecam will introduce the HRO 69 (High Resolution Optics), a high quality 3.5 mm lens designed specifically for use with latest-generation 1/3 inch miniature 3-CCD HD cameras. “The HRO 69 is without exaggeration one of the most important new products at this year’s IBC,” says Steffan Hewitt, Polecam founder and […]  More

Polecam Abides by KISS Principle for 3D Production

When it comes to shooting 3D, Polecam founder and managing director Steffan Hewitt is a staunch advocate of the old KISS Principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  As a result of this simplistic approach, a growing number of broadcasters and production companies have incorporated Polecam 3D into their 3D shows. “I believe in the KISS principle […]  More

Polecam 3D Demos Impress at NAB

Several visitors to Polecam’s 3D demonstrations at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas last month claimed that it was “the best 3D in the entire show.” With many exhibitors navigating through the minefield of shooting 3D through variable-magnification optics, Polecam’s illustrated the advantages of deploying prime lenses and moving the cameras towards the subject […]  More

SnoCross Racing Gets Polecam Treatment

Polecam operator Steve Rausch has completed his second season capturing ISOC National SnoCross Racing (SnoX). Nine events were organized by the International Series of Champions during winter 2009-2010, each race being streamed live on the internet and later edited into a one-hour show for transmission on the Versus cable TV network. The winter favorite of […]  More

NAB Preview: Polecam Embraces 3D HD with Pan and Tilt Heads

This April, Polecam will highlight it 3D capabilities at the NAB Show in Las Vegas and will also provide its 3D-Narrow pan and tilt head as standard with all new systems, with the option of choosing the new 3D-Wide head. Polecam’s optional 3D-Wide head allows the distance between cameras to be extended so that full […]  More

Polecam Sets Personal Best for Vancouver Games

A record nine Polecam systems have been commissioned to provide live video from the Winter Games which commence in Vancouver on February 12. “The number of our rigs in use at these big international sports events has increased steadily over the years,” comments Steffan Hewitt, who invented the first Polecam system in 1998. “Six systems […]  More

Polecam Featured at B&H Studio in NYC

The Studio – B&H has added a the Polecam Pro 1 System model to the Studio’s showroom, which is adjacent to the B&H Superstore in New York City. The Studio allows production professionals to experience first hand a selection of high-end products from top companies. Visitors can evaluate and compare equipment, watch live demos, and […]  More

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