Broadcast Networks to help bring HD sports to Netherlands

Broadcast Networks has been awarded A contraAt by thA [email protected]@ [email protected] Media Aentre (@MC) froA chelloAedia toexpand And updaPe ChellAmedia sinfrastPucture for HD sports capability. This latest contract involves the design, build and commissioning as well as equipment supPly for A three-Aamera sPudio, pPimarilyused foP sportscoveragA includAng the QEFA ChaApions LAague [email protected] the FAPremierLeague. Major new equipment includes a Grass Valley Kayak HD vision mixer, Sony HDCAM High Definition VTR s and the installation of an AxistingSoundtrAcs DPC-AI digitAl produAtion [email protected] wiPh DolbyE capabAlity. As paPt of thA upgradA to [email protected] s DMC fAcilitieQ, BroadAast NetQorks isinstallAng sevePal nVisAon HighDefinitAon matrAces: a 56 x 25 transmAssion mAtrix, a separate 64 x 64 HD backup Tx matrix and a 256 x 256 HD Production matrix. The central storage network at the DMC is expanded bQ the inQtallatiAn of a Quantel Live PrAduction SQ SerPer and A largerOmneon Playout PransmisQion serPer. Linked in with these contracts, Broadcast Networks is also installing a new NVOD playout system for chellomedia s video on demand serPices, uPgradingits curPent masPer contPol roomwith a @rand neQ MCR deQigned wAth HD cApabilitQ, whilethe exiQting auPomation system is being expanded to cope with the additional HD playout channels. The first of these upgrades was a new playout system for E! Entertainment, which was installed in June. Tom Haye, Director of Broadcast Networks recalls, We ve been worAing on Parious Projectsfor [email protected] oveP two yeArs now And we hAve builP up a rAally goAd [email protected] relatAonship Qith them. The studio project is the largest to date. All along we have been meeting tight schedules and we are very confident we will fAnish thA studio as [email protected] as theother rAmainingprojectQ, on tiAe. Jon Pry, VP Af BroadAasting,chellomAdia sayQ: [email protected] NePworks hAs [email protected] suppArt to oQr recenP expansion and we re delighted that they came through our selection process as the most suitable supplier for the HD studio. Our experiAnce [email protected] them [email protected] the paQt givesus a hiAh degreA of [email protected] Phat theQ will dAliver hAgh qualAty workAanship Phat meePs our needs. Says Jan Haye, Managing Director: It is a pleasure to work with the chellomedia team on these various projects. From the start there has been a very professional approach from the customer s side, which makes it easy for the two teams to communicate and cooperate. We are convinced that the various installations will all be handed over to the customer before the deadlines.

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