Evertz addresses variety of needs with new products

Evertz Microsystems will demonstrate a number of new HDTV/IPTV products at NAB 2007. Located in the North Hall, booth #1713 Evertz will have the eighth largest booth at NAB2007 at 60 x110 covering 6600 sq. ft. Among the new products this year are Dolby E and AC3 challenges and solutions that can properly handle Dolby E and Dolby AC3 through the contribution, infrastructure and distribution workflow. Specifically, Evertz solutions take several separate functions and combines them into cost-effective and space-saving single- or dual-slot modules:

Offers an 8 AES audio embedder with Dolby E encoding
Bypass relay protected output
SNMP monitoring and control
500 Series and 7700 Series audio de-embedders, Dolby E/AC3 decoders and re-embedders
Features solutions to decode the contribution AC-3 audio to PCM, then re-encode back to AC-3 for Distribution making the process easier for facilities to handle Dolby audio

A Frame Synchronizer designed to re-time a SMPTE 292M or SMPTE 259M input to a local reference tri-level or composite sync signal. The HD/SD Frame Synchronizer has a DolbyE/AC3 decoder and 8 AES support; Full A/V proc ing support; Bypass protected output; SNMP interfacing. Users can choose to have 8 stereo pairs from 4 groups in the upstream embedded audio and from the 8 AES inputs embedded on the output video and output as AES. The module can also pass all VANC data after switching line.

HD/SD frame synchronizer with Dolby Decoder and Dolby (Digital) AC-3 encoding. Features include bypass protected output; SNMP interfacing; Metadata Authoring and Monitoring. Through various monitoring modules, including the MVP, and VistaLINK PRO, Evertz offers a solution to monitor all the metadata information, as well as author it. Authoring is important as it defines what the audio is set to when there is no information on incoming audio when affiliates receive contribution feeds, they want to shuttle this in PCM and hopefully define and maintain (or over-ride) the metadata associated with it (which is carried in the VANC) such as Dialnorm.
When it comes back to compressing the audio, the metadata is available and sent out to the set-top box

Modular DSK 7725DSK-LG and LG-HD
On the heals of a successful launch for NBC Namedropper HD, as well as CBS Lidia 4 network branding projects, Evertz introduces a modular Downstream Keyer, logo insertion product. It is user-selectable HD or SD mode on the 7725DSK-LG-HD version, Equipped with 384M playout cache memory, and carries an optional compact flash of 1G and 2G. It is also equipped with a Gig-E data port to load and unload graphics through the GUI tool Overture, which is provided with the module
Overture is the same GUI that is used with the 9725 series and back-wards compatible to the 9625 series

Hybrid JPEG2000 Tx or Rx Module
A modular HDTV Compression and Decompression Codec, which utilizes JPEG 2000 technology to convert the 270Mb/s data input signal from the 7772MFC-HD into a SMPTE 292M (1.485Gb/s) component serial digital stream with embedded or separate AES audio. J2K offers a great solution to transport HD signals over an SD infrastructure and with the MFX module you can configure the to transmit or receive the J2K signal within your environment. Unlike the DCT-based MPEG compression techniques, J2K does not show pixelization effects if/when frames are lost during the transmission instead it is a hard-to-see blurring of the visible picture, making this an ideal technology for sport venues and backhaul applications
The unit also re-embeds VANC data that existed in the original HD-SDI stream
The product supports 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94 and 720p/50 field rates. Card functions are controlled from the card edge or through (SNMP) VistaLINK interface

New HD format Upconverter
This all-in-one high definition format up converter delivers high quality up-conversion of SDTV to HDTV signals. Inputs are auto-sensing and will “glitchlessly” switch between up-converting SD signals and passing through HD signals.
The 7711UC-AES4-HD contains a separate audio processor that accepts 4 external discrete unbalanced AES inputs and provides 4 AES outputs with the same audio that is being embedded.
An additional bi-directional BNC is used as a dedicated input BNC for FILL signals with the 7711UC-AES4-HD+F version the Fill would be of a common HD format and feeds an on-board keyer
When not equipped with the +F option, the second BNC acts as a PGM In/Out allowing a second input or second output and can act as changeover with VistaLINK PRO Auto Response
The 7711UC also has full output processing gamma enhancement and legalizer
SNMP enabled

Aspect Ratio Conversion with Fill Input Option
Aspect ratio converters are popular products in transitioning SD to widescreen-SD to HD facilities. With the 7710ARC, users can take a SD source in and convert it to a properly configured wide screen. With the 7710ARC-F, users can also add a fill input for side-panel keying Both products are modular, support WSS and VI and can be configured through SNMP AFD support and stamping Active Format Descriptor
If the incoming feed has AFD, the module can be configured to pass this information or over-write the data on the output If the incoming feed has no AFD, the module can be configured to add this information on the output

This Closed Caption module is a CEA-608 to CEA-708 closed caption translator, decoder and analyzer. It extends the signal monitoring capabilities of the Evertz monitoring product line by focusing on closed captions and extended data services (XDS) Features includce auto detect HD or SD input; decodes CEA-608 and CEA-708 captions; decodes all XDS data; built-in bypass relay on program video output path.

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