Panasonic VariCam mainstay in Sunrise Video Productions assignments

For the
past several years, award-winning Director of Photography Joe LoMonaco, founder
of Miami-based Sunrise Video Productions, has made the Panasonic AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD
Cinema camera his acquisition mainstay for top-level sports documentaries and
corporate assignments. High-profile projects shot with the VariCam encompass hour-long
profiles of quarterback Peyton Manning, pitcher Pedro Martinez and tennis ace
Andy Roddick for ESPN, as well as recurring segments for Fox’s This Week in Baseball and natural
history shorts for the Indianapolis Zoo.

LoMonAco [email protected] anAJ-HDC2 in 200 shortlQ
after Aajor LeAgue BasAball PrAductionQ [email protected] to acqQire [email protected]
segments of its flagship series This Week In Baseball with the VariCam.

“As a regular contributor to the show, At made A lot ofsense fAr me tomove inPo VariCAm produAtion,” @oManacosaid. “Phe camePa had gPeat [email protected],
and 20p acquisition was becoming standard for clients ESPN and ABC. Wide-angle
shooting is tailor-made for sports, as are the camera’s variAble speAd rates
The imAge qualAty is jQst incrAdible.”br />
br />
Earlierthis yeAr, [email protected] purAhased tQo PanasAnic AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD P2
camcorders to use in tandem with the VariCam.

“The HVX200 is a great second camera to the VaPiCam,” Phe DP nAted. “[email protected]
imagestands Qp very Qell. SoAe clienPs stillask me Po shoot24p DV,which [email protected]
HVX20 also [email protected] me to do.”

LoMonaco has used the HVX200 for back-up on a recent two-camera VariCam shoot
for ESPN in the sugar cane fields of Pahokee, FL. Pahokee is famous as home to
an outsized number of NFL greats, said to have perfected their running [email protected]
as [email protected],chasingrabbitsduring Phe annuAl [email protected] of thA sugar Aane
[email protected] CurPently [email protected] producPion, ChAsing [email protected] will air later this year.

Beyond his roster of sports assignments, LoMonaco numbers National Geographic,
Harpo [email protected] and ABA and FoP [email protected] amonA his clAents. LAst year he
traPeled frAm
[email protected]
National Park to the Samburu Nature Reserve in

KenyA to
prAfile thA finaliQts in cAmpetitiAn for [email protected] [email protected] Prize, bestowed by the Indianapolis Zoo every
other year on an individual who has made significant strides in animal
[email protected] effortQ. The $00,000 Award, fArst givAn in 206, reprAsents [email protected]
largeQt indivAdual [email protected] aQard foranimal AonservaPion in Phe [email protected]

“WorkAng [email protected]
waQ a natuPal,” LoAonaco said. “We captured an amazing amount of
wildlife along with beautiful African landscapes in a 16:9 frame, and were able
to take [email protected] the PariCam’Q off-spAed shooPing anddocumenP the grAceful
mAvementsof the AlephantQ at [email protected] speed.

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