SSL Showcases Duende Plug-In Collection at AES

Logic will demonstrate
the Duende plug-in collection at AES 2008 in Booth 1218. AES will also be the
first demonstration of Vocalstrip, the latest addition to the plug-in
brings power, character and clarity to vocal tracks from a single interface.
Vocalstrip solves the challenges of producing great vocal recordings with four
processing tools carefully selected and calibrated to deliver great results
every time.
Vocalstrip features four selected vocal processing tools with a unique SSL twist, comparative
analysis & dynamic envelope based De-esser, comparative
analysis & dynamic envelope based De-ploser, 3-band
SSL EQ with High-Pass, ‘asymmetric notch’ and ‘air’ bands, compander
featuring compression, downwards expansion and output drive
and informative
visual feedback showing EQ curves and real time FFT overlay.
The Duende plug-in environment allows complete
control over process order, mouse
wheel parameter adjustment and numeric data entry, A/B
functionality for alternate setting comparison
and pre-set management
system provides continuity between all DAW platforms.
Duende plug-in collection includes bundled
plug-ins, Channel
Stereo Bus Compressor (optional with Duende Mini), optional
plug-ins, Vocalstrip, Drumstrip, X-EQ
and X-Comp.
Channel Strip
Duende Channel Strip delivers the classic SSL console channel strip features
and sound in plug-in form. It features 4-band EQ with two shelving sections and
two parametric sections. EQ tonal characteristics are switchable between E
Series and G Series console EQ response curves. There are variable low-pass and
high-pass filters, “Over-Easy” soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth
transitions and Dynamics side-chain processing with independent side chains for
compressor and expander/gate.
Stereo Bus Compressor
centre section compressor from SSL’s 1980’s G Series analogue console is an
audio production legend. It is the secret behind countless classic recordings.
It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound
bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to
your mix without compromising clarity. The Duende Stereo Bus Compressor brings
this classic ‘audio glue’ to you within your workstation.
secret of how to make an average drum recording sound incredible can be
elusive. It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfect sonic
character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the right way. Drumstrip
does the difficult bit for you. Putting the right selection of fantastic
sounding processing tools in your hands, Drumstrip can get you from an
ordinary, average drum sound to a vibrant, exhilarating drum sound in a few
quick, easy steps. Plug in, switch on and experiment.
is an open and transparent sounding parametric EQ that provides the user with a
truly comprehensive range of EQ tools within an intuitive user interface. X-EQ
is exceptionally flexible with the ability to be surgically precise for
mastering duties or to smooth and sculpt for every day audio production. It’s
also particularly suited to real-time manipulation for dramatic filter sweep
is extremely versatile; it can deliver the transparent audio finesse of a
mastering grade stereo compressor or be driven to inject character and raw
power to rival the SSL Listen Mic Compressor. It has an innovative set of
control features that are immensely powerful and sophisticated yet remain
intuitive and simple to operate.
Hardware Options
DSP power behind the proprietary 40BIT processing engine is available in three
hardware formats.
Duende Mini a cool
compact, portable desktop box that connects to your computer via Firewire. Duende
Classic is a studio friendly 1U 19” rack based unit which also connects to your
computer via Firewire.
Duende PCIe is a
PCIe card that installs within either a mac or a pc and makes full use of the
superior bandwidth of your computers internal PCIe bus.

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