Aspera’s Munson To Host Product Update Webinar

Aspera will host a Spring 2010 Product Update Webinar on Thursday, June 17, to provide an an in-depth presentation of Aspera’s latest product releases and upcoming innovations, including multiple enhancements to the fasp software line and the new products announced at NAB 2010.

Join Aspera president Michelle Munson on June 17 at 10 a.m. PT for an inside look at the following:

  • Aspera Sync – a new multi-directional synchronization application built on Aspera’s patented fasp transport technology.
  • Aspera Cargo – personal desktop client, providing end-users with an easy-to-use email paradigm for person-to-person file delivery using Aspera servers
  • The new fasp-AIR product line that will enable companies to empower their remote contributors with high-speed file transfer to and from mobile devices up to 3 times faster than regular TCP over 3G networks and up to 100 times faster over 802.11 WiFi networks
  • The Aspera Workflow Composition Framework within Aspera Console that will allow organizations to build automated transfer workflows for content ingest, distribution and transformation, including third-party solutions, even cloud-based services.

To register online, click here.

New Functionality for Aspera Product Lines

In addition, Aspera recently published new releases for several of its top product lines, including the Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point and Client (v 2.6) as well as the Aspera Connect browser plug-in (v 2.4) to its downloads section. These releases include a number of exciting new capabilities, features, and bug fixes. Here is a summary of the updates:

fasp 2.6 Transport Core

Major new enhancements:

  • Virtual links, based on the patent-pending vLink technology for aggregate bandwidth control across fasp transfers, can now be configured based on transfer attributes – peer IP, transfer metadata stored in the Job Name or “cookie”, user account, or a weighted combination.  This allows for setting aggregate bandwidth targets for groups of Aspera transfers based on transfer attribute, and relative utilization priorities for individual transfers within a vLink group.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliance – the core cryptography functions have been made compliant with the U.S. Government’s Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2, throughout all products.
  • Native IPv6 Support throughout the fasp core enabled through a command line option for ‘ascp’.
  • New persistent transfer session architecture allows for new sources (files, directories, and sections of files) to be added to existing transfers on the fly. Applications using the fasp SDK can transfer files as they are growing (e.g. live encoded streams), or sets of files while new files are generated, as well as sections of files for remote browser / viewer applications, with no overhead in separate session set-up and tear-down.
  • Each source (file or directory) can be assigned a unique name at the destination, no longer requiring that multi-item transfers are all placed within a single target directory on the remote endpoint.
  • The native adaptive rate control has been extended to cope well with reverse path congestion, avoiding artificial slow-down in cases where users are transferring on small, congested links in both directions (upload and download) simultaneously.
  • Excellent adaptive rate control performance on Hypervisor virtual machine environments including the Aspera On-Demand AMI for Amazon Web Services with the addition of intelligent filtering of spurious timing measurements from the virtual machines clocks (requires 2.6.4).
  • Ideal efficiency in transfer over networks with heavy out-of-order packet loss.

Aspera Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point Client and Client 2.6

Graphical Interface Features

  • The new graphical user interface introduced in 2.5 on Windows and Mac is now available for Linux desktops as well.
  • Configurable email notifications within the GUI, in addition to Aspera Console, on transfer start, success, and error, with customizable templates to control look, feel and content of the email.

Installation and Documentation

  • Support for seamless installation with Windows UAC.
  • New, redesigned documentation with search support.

Aspera Connect Server 2.6

  • All features of the Aspera Enterprise Server version 2.6.
  • New option for automatic installation of Aspera Connect via an applet installer eliminates manual download, install, and browser re-start.
  • New option for “changing the logged in user” from within a browser session.
  • New fine-grained access control per user controlling directory browsing, read (download), and write (upload).

Aspera Connect 2.4

  • Now installs as a non-administrative user on ALL Windows and Mac platforms.  New support for installation for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 on Windows as a non-admin user complements the existing support for non-admin installation on Mac.
  • New automatic installation avoids manual download, install, and browser refresh, including when UAC is enabled (Vista, Windows 7).
  • Supports both per-user and machine-wide installations on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
  • Mac PowerPC version now supports encryption-at-rest, bringing encryption-at-rest support to all platforms.
  • Mac PowerPC version now has full support for Firefox 3.6.

fasp SDK

  • fasp 2.6 core available throughout the faspmanager API for Java, .NET and C++.
  • Please see for all of the details and to upgrade.

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