LTS Showcase Preview: A Roundup of Exhibitor Offerings, Part 1

The 2012 League Technology Summit is fast approaching, and SVG will have more exhibitors on the Technology Showcase floor than ever before. In the weeks leading up to LTS, SVG is highlighting the new products and latest technologies that will be on display at the New York Hilton Dec. 10 and 11.

DTS-licensee DaySequerra will exhibit the iLM8 Intelligent Loudness Meter, which uses the industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measure to determine the perceived loudness of 5.1-surround and auxiliary stereo programs simultaneously; the DTS Neural Loudness Measure algorithm provides accurate readings of dynamic audio content. The iLM8’s high-performance headphone amplifier allows monitoring in noisy-background environments; built-in Ethernet interface provides the capability for logging and field software updates. An HD-SDI option enables eight channels of demultiplexed audio to be routed to the AES inputs; channel mapping is provided for all 16 SDI audio channels. The iLM8’s Mix Monitor alerts the user if desired loudness is outside user-defined limits.

Elemental Technologies
Elemental will showcase Elemental Live, a video-processing system that encodes live content for streaming to new-media platforms. Video-processing solutions from Elemental are widely used by such premier sports brands as ESPN, MLB, and the NBA. Most recently, broadcasters around the world — including the BBC, Eurosport, Terra, NHK, and CTV — used Elemental gear to stream the 2012 Olympic Summer Games to viewers in more than 70 countries. Whether managing vast quantities of content or targeting niche markets with long-tail applications, Elemental has a solution to bring sports entertainments to any device anytime anywhere — all at once.

Studer plans to show the Vista 1 Compact, a true Studer Vista console in a compact and low-cost configuration. The desk comes complete as a single chassis, with integrated control surface, I/O connections, and DSP, considerably reducing weight and footprint. The Vista 1 Compact is highly suited to both fixed and portable systems, such as newsrooms and game shows; its compact size makes it a natural choice for OB and ENG vans. It is also compatible with Studer’s new Compact Remote Bay, which offers remote operation of the console and can be used to extend the main control surface for a second operator on large shows.

The Tiffen Company
Among the range of Tiffen products on display will be the recently released IRND + GIimmer Glass single-filter diffusion and IR-protection solution. The integrated-filter products combine Tiffen IRND technology with the classic beauty-enhancing Tiffen Glimmer Glass filter. The company will also show its Listec PromptWare PW-10 teleprompters, designed to support 7- and 10-in. tablets. Models include PW-10DV for DSLR and video cameras, PW-10EB for electronic-newsgathering (ENG) cameras, and PW-10MB for Matte Box. Rounding out the showcase will be the new Lowel Prime Power LED lighting collection, including the Prime Power LED 600 and the Lowel Blender 3 light kit. This new kit combines three color-changing Lowel Blender LED fixtures, with stands and AC adaptors, to bring further creative options and a faster way to light “run-and-gun” interview setups.

TSE – Total Sports Entertainment
TSE Services has provided sports-entertainment and event-production solutions and software for more than 25 years. TSE GameTime ScriptPRO event-management application is used by teams and schools of all levels to streamline live-event sponsorship execution. More than 1,500 users have taken advantage of the technology to streamline script preparation, eliminate sponsorship errors, and enhance the fan experience. TSE continues to embrace new technologies with releases of SponsorPRO and PromoPRO, two solutions that tie seamlessly with ScriptPRO to simplify the entire organization of a sports staff from selling inventory and planning schedules to execution and recapping of events

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