Fletcher Cameras & Lenses Turns to Ikegami for High-Profile Sporting Events

With so many elite tools available, taking sports broadcasting to the next level is a challenge. At the in-demand rental house Fletcher Cameras & Lenses, one way to distinguish their clients’ productions has been with the Ikegami Hi-Motion II Ultra Slow Motion Camera System.

Fletcher has 21 Ikegami Hi-Motion II cameras in its global inventory, which are in constant demand for the world’s most high-profile sporting events: Ikegami’s Emmy-award winning systems are consistently deployed by Fletcher for coverage of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, Wimbledon, rugby, cricket, and much more.

“With the latest improvements to the Ikegami Hi-Motion II, we’re able to use ultra slo-mo cameras in a way that truly matches the live image with other cameras,” says Dan Grainge, VP of Sports for Fletcher. “The Ikegami cameras allow our clients to slow down the image while reducing the motion blur, providing extremely high levels of  clarity and detail.

“The result is an enhanced onscreen storytelling for the viewer to absorb,” Grainge continues. “Ikegami cameras set a very high standard of image quality. The blacks are better, and the color reproduction is excellent – across the board.”

Using a three-CMOS-sensor camera head with 96GB of built-in memory, the Ikegami Hi-Motion II delivers greater than 10x speed for clear, sharp ultra-slow-motion playback of HD sports action. A dual-format 1080i/720p system, it provides simultaneous output of live normal-speed video and ultra-slow-motion replay video.

Fletcher is finding that the flexibility pays off. “With their extremely high image quality, the Hi-Motion II also allows us to match our other cameras in a live capacity,” Grainge continues. “We can use them in a dual role, both in replay and live, to a far greater extent then we were able to do in the past. As a result, our broadcast clients can cut to the Hi-Motion II at game camera quality.”

Designed from the ground up for broadcast applications, the Ikegami Hi-Motion II provides Fletcher and its clients with a solution that significantly streamlines field production. “This camera is purpose-built for broadcast, and it shows,” Grainge says. “The size, weight and form factor all make the Hi-Motion II interface seamlessly with TV production trucks. That improves reliability throughout the show.”

As a long time Ikegami user, Grainge and his team knew that dependability would be assured in their 21 Hi-Motion II camera systems. “The reliability and support from Ikegami have been outstanding,” he notes. “We’ve gone through almost a full year using the Hi-Motion II cameras with almost no issues, and anything that did arise was quickly dealt with by Ikegami. That’s particularly notable because this is a brand new product on the market – with any new product, you might expect some bumps, but it’s been a very smooth process.

“That’s consistent with what we’ve experienced over the years with Ikegami. Whether it’s a camera or a monitor, they’ve always supported what they do extremely well.”

For broadcast coverage of the world’s highest-profile athletic events, Fletcher has found that the Ikegami Hi-Motion II is essential when the story must be told in slow motion. “The expectations of producers and viewers alike are set very high today, especially for extra slow motion imagery,” Grainge says. “The Hi-Motion II allows us to exceed those expectations.”

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