NAB 2018

NAB 2018: ISHE USA To Showcase New Keyboard, Partnership with EVS

At NAB 2018, IHSE USA will showcase the 444 Series Draco keyboard, a freely programmable plug-and-play device that makes it possible to connect a keyboard, mouse, and keypad to a KVM system through a single USB port without needing an additional HID extension.

IHSE USA will also showcase its partnership with EVS to enhance live production workflows for EVS XT series servers and XFile3 gateway and removable storage systems. As part of this partnership, IHSE has developed a specialized KVM packaging concept based on the Draco tera compact series of KVM matrix systems that supports both current and future connectivity requirements for EVS systems.

At the 2018 NAB Show, the companies will route a fiber link between IHSE’s booth (SL10216) and EVS’ booth (SL3816) to demonstrate long-distance connectivity using dual EVS LSM (Live Slow Motion) remote-control panels at a single workstation.

IHSE USA Introduces Programmable Keyboard
Created for environments where users need to automate multiple tasks under a single macro, such as professional audio mixers, graphics designers or situational awareness analysis in command and control rooms, the heavy-duty 444 mechanical keyboard is designed to accommodate up to 50 programmable push-button keys that can record up to 16 commands per button. It has a solid anodized aluminum housing and keys that can handle up to 50 million keystrokes. Its rugged design and solid rubber feet guarantee good desk contact to prevent slipping. IHSE supports optional customer-specific assignment and printing of keypad keys so that users can program the keypads as they wish.

The 444 Series keyboard enables practical extension of KVM and video signal-distribution systems. An expansion option allows users to add up to two extra matching 25-button programmable keypads for up to 50 more commands or macros. The keypads can also be connected to the KVM system apart from the IHSE keyboard. Users can configure expert-level functions such as macros, key scan, color and brightness of the status LEDs, and disabling of the windows key.

The 444 Series keyboard is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation, with three adjustable tilt angles, precise attachment points, excellent haptics, concave keycaps for better fingertip support, and an optional damping element for a pleasant typing experience. Meanwhile, a thoughtful layout includes function keys that allow for easy control of music and media apps.

The 444 keyboard facilitates black-red separation of security zones, as operated in military and secure government facilities, and also provides quick automation commands for other situational awareness operators such as air traffic controllers.

“With IHSE’s new 444 Series keyboard, our customers can easily increase the function and versatility of their KVM and video distribution workflows, and it is sophisticated enough for situational awareness analysis or air traffic controllers,” says Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “The keyboards are built to last, and they also attach through a simple single-point connection, so users can keep their workspaces neat and free of unnecessary cabling.”

IHSE USA, EVS Team Up To Accelerate Live Production Workflow
The EVS XT series live production server is used by virtually every high-level broadcaster in the world. Likewise, many top-tier broadcasters and related service companies rely on IHSE’s KVM technology. At NAB 2018, EVS will show how incorporating IHSE technology enables faster turnaround and better access to enriched graphics for live events and mobile production. An XT3 server at the EVS booth will be connected via fiber to a workstation at the IHSE booth using dual LSM remote-control panels, while previews of converted SDI sources will appear on HDMI displays.

EVS, which recently opened a new training center in New Jersey, incorporated IHSE’s Draco compact matrix system into that facility to enable dynamic switching during hands-on training sessions. Prior to that fixed installation, EVS also incorporated IHSE’s KVM systems inside its EVS Live on Tour demo van, which travels the country giving customers on-site demonstrations of the latest EVS live production solutions.

With the success of those deployments, EVS once again turned to IHSE to develop a KVM system that allows producers and broadcasters to share sources for fast turnaround workflows, mastering ingest, and archive management for video programming. Based on the Draco compact series of switch and extender solutions, the KVM system supports all connectivity for video management and LSM remote control over RS-422 — all within the same KVM switch environment. In addition, IHSE’s new 474-BSS upgrade card supports up to two LSM units at the same workstation. By using integrated KVM to connect the EVS systems, LSM opens enhanced capabilities for sharing multiple servers from a single remote control with unmatched speed for slow-motion and live-editing operations.

“The EVS team is excited about our new partnership with IHSE,” says Nicolas Bourdon, senior vice president of marketing, EVS. “This partnership will enable EVS to deliver enhanced features that will help our customers become more efficient and reduce costs.”

“By partnering with EVS, IHSE is helping to improve live production workflow the world over,” says Manuel Greisinger, head of sales for IHSE. “Combining our technology with EVS’ powerful and world-renowned live production solution means that, together, we can collaborate to deliver unique workflow functionality focused on productivity. The result is greater efficiency, with streamlined operations for XT and XFile3 users.”

“The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and additional R&D in the KVM and IP CPU server markets by maximizing the product development talents and resources at both companies while driving efficiency in the companies’ respective market segments,” Greisinger said.

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