Modernizing Your Archive with DIVA & MatrixStore

Object Matrix has a very long-standing relationship with both the Telestream Diva application and the fantastic team behind it. This was recently enhanced when Telestream certified MatrixStore object storage as an archive platform using the S3 interface. This will make the process of moving to hybrid and cloud workflows more efficient and will enable creative professionals to access content from anywhere.

Organisations who need to monetise their archives, or make archive content available to internal or external teams, require instant and predictable access to content, and metadata, from anywhere, at any time. For those organisations primarily using LTO or ODA platforms to access content, this can be time-consuming and operationally inefficient, which is why many organisations are looking to replace or augment those platforms with more modern alternatives.

At Object Matrix, we are here to help by working with DIVA to migrate archive content away from LTO (and ODA) to private, hybrid, or public cloud storage. Or to help customers modernise their archive platform by augmenting their legacy archive technology with MatrixStore object storage.

How Can Object Matrix Help?

With Telestream Diva driving the workflows and MatrixStore object storage deployed in on-prem, hybrid, or cloud configurations, content can be made available to those who need it where they need it.

MatrixStore object storage has been certified as an archive location by Telestream using the S3 protocol as the interface for moving media and metadata. This opens up a myriad of fantastic workflows for those looking to migrate away from or augment their LTO/ODA libraries.

Everybody Loves A DIVA - Telestream DIVA & Object Matrix MatrixStore
  • Using Diva to write new archive content to MatrixStore On-Prem object storage via the S3 interface, content will be available to all, wherever they are.
  • Legacy archive content in the LTO / ODA library can be moved to MatrixStore On-Prem object storage as and when it is recalled to be used or as part of a planned migration project.

Migration to Cloud Storage

Moving to cloud storage can be a complex project, with not all workflows suited to cloud performance or commercial models. Many organisations that need instant access to archive content are now deploying hybrid cloud storage workflows.

Everybody Loves A DIVA - Telestream DIVA & Object Matrix MatrixStore
  • Hybrid cloud storage enables creative professionals to have unfettered, on-demand, and instant access to archive content (and metadata), safe in the knowledge that the content is synchronised and protected in a private or public cloud storage platform.
  • For organisations needing to monetise archive content, you can do so instantly with predictable access from anywhere without the worry of spiralling egress fees or time spent waiting for content to be restored.
  • Keeping content in both on-prem and cloud storage platforms gives organisations greater flexibility, more content protection (Disaster Recovery), and greater content exploitation and sharing options.

Why MatrixStore Hybrid Cloud Storage

MatrixStore Hybrid cloud storage is a media-focused platform that combines high-speed on-premise workflows (transcode, transformation, file acceleration, etc.) coupled with seamless and non-proprietary synchronisation of content, and metadata, to cloud storage platforms. You are able to manage multiple cloud buckets, with the content being more available, and you avoid vendor lock-in.

Tight integrations and automated workflows with Telestream DIVA ensure organisations benefit from operational efficiencies and the elastic scale of hybrid environments.

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