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Friday, May 7, 2021Inside EVS XtraMotion With Fox SportsEVS XtraMotion brings a new level of performance for replay operations, allowing any replay to be turned into an ultra slo-motion replay. Learn more about how the use of AI, cloud-based platforms, and proprietary EVS software made XtraMotion possible and how Fox Sports has used the technology for NFL and NASCAR productions.Friday, May 7, 2021G&D North America’s Andy Coole on the New ControlCenter-Xperience ShowroomIn the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was still a very prosperous year for G&D North America. In this interview, Director of Sales, Mid-America Andy Coole breaks down the company’s success over the past year and the details of their new ControlCenter-Xperience Showroom.Friday, May 7, 2021Key Code Media’s John Ferder on Recent Projects With Pro Teams and System Integration TrendsAs a systems integrator in the sports-video-production industry, Key Code Media is aiming to provide reliable solutions and services that will help clients create and deliver content without a hitch. In this interview, VP of Broadcast Engineering John Ferder highlights the company’s wide array of expertise, recent projects with the St. Louis Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Cubs over the past year, and what trends are impacting the system integration process.Friday, May 7, 2021uniqFEED's Dr. David Hasenfratz and Ulam Curjel Recount Efforts in Baseball Virtual AdvertisingUniqFEED’s virtual advertising technology continues to evolve and its most recent efforts are around America’s favorite pastime: baseball. Ulam Curjel, uniqFEED, Head of US Broadcast Operations and Dr. David Hasenfratz, uniqFEED, CTO, discuss the development of the technology and how it fits into various remote production workflows.Thursday, May 6, 2021Mark Davies, Director of Products & Technology at TSL Products Talks WorkflowDirector of Products and Technology Mark Davies dives into how the growing demands of live sports production, such as the number of physical circuits and supported audio formats, as well as increased power requirements, are impacting production workflow, and how TSL is accommodating those dynamics. Other topics include how Covid impacted workflow and TSL products integrated into various sports events, including the Super Bowl.Monday, May 3, 2021Primeview's Chanan Averbuch on Mobility's Impact on the Future of LED TechnologyAmid the COVID-19 pandemic, Primeview was able to stay busier throughout the course of 2020. As a provider of LED displays for numerous collegiate, the company is expanding their LED offerings for the forthcoming Florida Experience — a 3,500 sq. ft., multi-million-dollar facility in Fort Lauderdale that will house virtual production workflows and other technologies — that will open in Summer 2021. EVP of the Americas Chanan Averbuch provides an update on recent projects and a trend of interest in the future.Monday, May 3, 2021Ross Video’s Kevin Cottam on Presence at Major Events, Success Through Product DevelopmentIn this interview, Kevin Cottam, VP - Global Sports and Live Events, Ross Video provides an update on the company’s role at events like the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, Indy 500, and the MLB regular season; updates on new products that can make a difference; and a preview of Ross Live 2021, debuting on May 4 at, April 30, 2021Turner Sports' Hania Poole Details the Study That Shaped The Redesign of NCAA March Madness LiveThe 2021 edition of NCAA March Madness Live, the live streaming app built to present the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, featured a complete, wall-to-wall redesign. From the front-facing design to the backend video delivery, MML took the platform to the next level. As a driver of the redesign, the March Madness Live product team initiated a 10-month research project, using both qualitative and quantitative analysis to draw fresh conclusions as to what fans want from a platform of this class. Turner Sports' SVP of Digital Hania Poole describes what the study entailed and how it tangibly impacted the features of the experience. Watch the entire conversation and other presentations, panels, and more by registering for FREE access to the 2021 SVG Sports OTT Forum. Or if you are already registered, simply log in and visit the Systems Integrators Summit event page and click Watch on Demand’. Visit, April 30, 2021Veritone’s Ben Howell on How AI Has Upped the Ante for Digital Media Hub UsersIn this interview, Ben Howell, Veritone, Director of Product Management, Digital Media Hub, discusses how the company’s AI capabilities continue to be the driving force within Digital Media Hub, specifically around a recent sports-customer win with one of the larger international athletic federations. For this particular customer, DMH will sit in the middle of their live event and support downstream media workflows for both broadcasters, social and digital teams. For this particular customers, the athletes performing in various events are crucial to the federation and teams who need to access the content. Within DMH, this customer runs their media through OCR (optical character recognition) and facial recognition, index that data and enable all the users within DMH to quickly find moments for specific athletes that are involved in a certain event. This is a critical step for production and digital teams to find relevant content during the event. On top of that, Veritone has also started to introduce new features to Digital Media Hub using its low-code/no-code Automate Studio. These types of workflow extensions allow DMH to create creative features with minimal development. For example, for the international athletic federations mentioned above, Veritone introduced content notifications using these workflows to ensure that the right set of users are notified via email when a specific type of content gets ingested into Digital Media Hub. All of these use-cases and features continue to drive Veritone’s three primary capabilities, which include Automate, Curate and Activate.Friday, April 30, 2021Telos Alliance's Martin Dyster Takes SportsTech Viewers Into The CloudTelos' VP Business Development Martin Dyster walked SVG SportsTech viewers through Telos's recently introduced Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP) Product Introduction. Building upon Telos' Infinity IP Intercom, the Virtual Intercom Platform is the first fully featured cloud-based intercom system to deliver sophisticated comms virtually, making cloud-based media production workflows available on any device—smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet — At Home, On-Prem, Site-to-Site or in the cloud. Dyster also elaborated on how the pandemic has accelerated tectonic shifts in broadcast technology, first to IP and now into the cloud, and its impact on the industry and its workflowsThursday, April 29, 2021Parsec’s Benjy Boxer on How Remote-Desktop Technology Enables Remote Production WorkflowsOver the past year as the pandemic has forced the entire M&E industry to shift entirely or at least partially to remote-production workflows. As a result the demand for remote desktop tools has never been higher. Enter Parsec, which came out of the gaming and world and has been on hand to meet that demand as broadcasters look to keep their content factories running despite not being able to physicially access their facilities. In this interview, Parsec Founder and CEO Benjy Boxer discusses sports broadcast and sports video's success using their high performance remote desktop tool, how Activision Blizzard Esports is using Parsec for its groundbreaking cloud-based production ecosystem, the company’s evolving Enterprise solution, and recent features that let broadcast and video groups better automate and control Parsec for their organizations.Thursday, April 29, 2021Montreal Canadiens Transforms Bell Centre Into Blank Canvas for Linear BroadcastThe National Hockey League was the last of the four major American sports to host a non-bubble regular season. As fans gradually make their return to the seats, how is that affecting in-venue productions and digital content? In this edition, Paul Gallant, Director of Game Production for the Montreal Canadiens, joins Kristian Hernandez to discuss how content is being shifted from in-venue to digital platforms while fans are at home and how the unique operations and production strategy at Bell Centre is turning the arena into a blank canvas for the linear broadcast.Wednesday, April 28, 2021RTS Intercom Systems’ Angelo Piga Shows Us the New DBPDigital Beltpack And Talks TokyoSVG's SportsTech OnDemand spoke with Angelo Piga, RTS Intercom Systems' Product Marketing Manager. Piga discussed RTS Intercom Systems' new Digital Beltpack (DBP) product, now available for ordering. The new member of the RTS Digital Partyline intercom product family offers hybrid functionality and more. Also on the agenda: RTS Intercom Systems' presence at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.Wednesday, April 28, 2021Quantum’s Skip Levens on CatDV Acquisition and the Launch of New StorNext Architecture, AppliancesIn this interview, Skip Levens, Quantum, Marketing Director, Media and Entertainment, addresses how the company’s recent acquisition of CatDV Asset Management combines with its StorNext file system for video workloads to create a full end-to-end production ecosystem. Levens details how the Sacramento Kings are already using CatDV and established Quantum products to enable groundbreaking new workflows. In addition, Levens chats about the recent launch of a new StorNext architecture and line of StorNext appliances that simplify how organizations manage, store, and protect their video content, imagery, and business critical data. The Quantum H4000 Series of appliances combines the latest hardware technology with the company’s signature StorNext software and is based on a simplified and converged architecture that accelerates time to value, reduces power and cooling costs, eliminates networking complexity, and makes it easier to deploy StorNext for edge processing, remote production, and in the core data center. Levens illustrates how the new H4000 Series fits more needs for sports content creators in today’s rapidly accelerating landscape.Wednesday, April 28, 2021KMH's Kevin Henneman on the Possibilities of the Company’s New Remote Production SystemWhen the COVID-19 pandemic hit professional teams and networks in the United States, crews scrambled to fine reliable solutions for their full remote productions. Based in their two offices in Brooklyn, NY and Hauppauge, NY, KMH Audio-Video Integration has developed a remote production system that allows clients to broadcast events in a safe and responsible way. President Kevin Henneman highlights the elements of this production hub and how will help their partners in the future.Wednesday, April 28, 2021JVC’s Dan Skirpan On Why Connected CAM Camcorders MatterJVC Professional Video’s Dan Skirpan, National Sales Manager, Sports, discusses how the company’s JVC Connected CAM camcorders have played a big part in keeping sports production humming during the pandemic. They feature built-in SRT encoders with LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity to provide broadcast-quality video over the Internet directly from the camera, no additional backpacks or encoders needed to send ISO feeds to the remote studio.Wednesday, April 28, 2021Clark Wire & Cable’s John Orona Details 11th-Hour Projects for L.A. Dodgers, Augusta NationalIn this interview, John Orona, Clark Wire & Cable, National Sales and Special Project Manager, discusses the company’s recent projects and new product highlights. Clark Wire and Cables mission to contribute to the industry with its customer/partners providing passion, innovation and top notch service. Last year, Clark worked a pair of 11th hour projects for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Augusta National to help make the respective live broadcasts from those venues possible. Orona details how Clark worked with the integrators on both projects to provided custom solutions on a highly condensed timeline.Wednesday, April 28, 2021ATEME’s Dave Brass on the Bright Future of OTT in Live SportsIn mid-2020, the video delivery specialist ATEME made a key acquisition when it purchased Anevia, adding several new products to its portfolio around OTT and streaming. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, ATEME’s VP, North America Strategy and Market Development Dave Brass shares the latest in technological advancement in the fight for low latency.Wednesday, April 28, 2021Belden’s Christine Williamson Overviews SoFi Stadium’s End-to-End Cabling and Connectivity SystemIn this interview, Christine Williamson, Belden Global Account Director, Sports & Entertainment provides an overview of Belden’s recent contributions to the sports-video industry. Last year, Belden provided a complete end-to-end cabling and connectivity system that supports the technology at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, from the Oculus video board and IPTV’s to the WiFi and DAS integration. Belden’s DCX Optical Distribution Frame was selected for the stadium’s broadcast control room and DAS network. Williamson also addresses how the industry is handling the the transition to IP, remote production and the move to the cloud. She also offers up her predictions on the future of the sports-media landscape, including the impact of Amazon’s rights deal with the NFL, further acceleration of remote production, and increased coverage in women’s sports.Tuesday, April 27, 2021Chicago Blackhawks Leverage Relationship With NBA’s Bulls for Fanless Show at United CenterThe National Hockey League was the last of the four major American sports to host a non-bubble regular season. As fans gradually make their return to the seats, how is that affecting in-venue productions and digital content? In this edition, Michael Horn, Senior Manager of Game Presentation for the Chicago Blackhawks, joins Kristian Hernandez to discuss the challenges of this season, how he's using the relationship with the Bulls to enhance their shows, and the unique operations and production strategy at United Center.Monday, April 26, 2021DMC's Don Cardone and DENZ's Sergio Ammirata on Technology's Role in Production During the PandemicWith over 30 years' industry experience, DMC Broadcast Group sources solutions from across the globe to provide high quality, cost-effective products from the most trusted manufacturers. In this interview, DENZ Founding Partner and CTO Sergio Ammirata and DMC Broadcast Group Founding Partner and Sales Director Don Cardone breakdown DMC's new relationship with the DENZ, how this technology helped clients get on the air during the pandemic, and what's down the road for the product line.Monday, April 26, 2021VISTA Worldlink's Joshua Liemer on Working Within the NEP Family and the Impact of Cloud WorkflowsBased in Dania Beach, FL, VISTA Worldlink is a global leader in transmission and production services provisioning satellite capacity, mobile and fixed uplinks, fiber optics, network origination, master control playout, streaming services and cutting-edge creative solutions. Earlier this year, the company become the newest member of the NEP Group family after its acquisition in March. In this interview, VISTA Worldlink President Joshua Liemer expresses his excitement on the future with NEP and how cloud-based workflows will change the company's productions.Monday, April 26, 2021Silver Spoon's Dan Pack & Laura Herzing on the Advantages/Possibilities of Unreal Engine for AROver the past year-plus, Silver Spoon Animation has played an integral role in the advancement of augmented-reality and virtual production for live sports content. Whether it’s Fox Sports and MLB’s use of virtual fans in the stands or CBS Sports’ groundbreaking Ar opening at Super Bowl LV, Silver Spoon is leading the charge when it comes to integrating virtual elements into live sports broadcasts. In this interview, Silver Spoon Animation Managing Director Dan Pack and Executive Producer Laura Herzing discuss what they’re seeing in the world of AR, XM, and MR; how these technologies enhance experiences for sports viewers, and what to expect from the company moving forward.Monday, April 26, 2021MPE’s Neal Pilzer, Andrew Schenk and HCK’s Keith Shapiro on New Data Centers & Postproduction PowerIn this interview, Neal Pilzer, MPE, President and CEO; Andrew Schenk, MPE, Account Executive; and Keith Shapiro, Hells Color Kitchen (HCK), Director of Finishing; discuss MPE's remote resources and services to accommodate post-production needs for both online and offline work. With brand new State-of-the-art data centers, separate 10 Gbps fiber optic cables by different providers, and 24/7 tech support team covering all systems, MPE has made it possible to accommodate post-production needs without producers or editors needing to leave the house.Friday, April 23, 2021Riedel’s Rick Seegull Shares the Latest With MediorNet IP and Dissects COVID Era Customer ServiceIntercoms evolved in a big way over the past year but for the biggest clients in the industry, the top-flight solutions are still the most trusted. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, we speak with Rick Seegull, Manager, System Consulting for Riedel Communications to discuss the latest with MediorNet IP and the other exciting production tools the company is developing.Thursday, April 22, 2021Verizon Business Group's Tim Stevens Analyzes the Growth of 5G5G is here and it's beginning to revolutionize the live sports production process. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, Tim Stevens, Global Leader, Strategic Innovation, Sports, Media, & Entertainment for Verizon Business Group discusses the latest advancements in 5G from one of the world’s leading providers of 5G connectivity while also sharing some examples of how broadcasters have utilized 5G to advance their workflows.Thursday, April 22, 2021Mobile TV Group’s Nick Garvin on Cloud Control and the Future of Remote ProductionLast year, remote-production solutions provider launched its Cloud Control live-game-production system – a groundbreaking new remote production workflow that enables production personnel normally in the mobile unit to work at their network offices. Now, MTVG is prepping to launch its first real-world Cloud Control Rooms at three regional sports networks and plans to launch many more across the U.S. in the coming months. In this interview, MTVG COO Nick Garvin discusses the power and potential of Cloud Control, how it can interact with the company’s 37 mobile units, and what it means for the future of remote production. In addition, Garvin provides an overview of MTVG’s ultra-busy work slate with the return of live sports and previews the company’s latest truck, which is set to launch in the coming months.Thursday, April 22, 2021JB&A’s Nicholas Smith on the Growth of Remote ProductionThe shift to remote production is changing how broadcasters produce live content but there are technological questions that need to be answered before forging down this road. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, JB&A’s VP of Technology Nicholas Smith shares how he’s seen this side of the industry accelerate and what opportunities are there with the right technology.Thursday, April 22, 2021Anaheim Ducks Catch Attention of Fans Through The Flying V Experience, Reverse Retro ContentThe National Hockey League was the last of the four major American sports to host a non-bubble regular season. As fans gradually make their return to the seats, how is that affecting in-venue productions and digital content? In this edition, Rich Cooley, Director of Production & Entertainment for the Anaheim Ducks, joins Kristian Hernandez to discuss The Flying V second-screen platform, the recent return of fans, the unique operations and production strategy at Honda Center, and more.Thursday, April 22, 2021SOUTHWORKS’ Zip Zieper on Engaging Fans with Targeted Video ExperiencesSOUTHWORKS is the remote dev firm people turn to for their most complex, high-profile projects. The company’s “own it, bring it, prove it” approach lets you make everything right without the endless hand-holding and do-overs outsourcing is known for. SOUTHWORKS has completed projects with a variety of major organizations, including Amazon, Microsoft, 7-Eleven, Discovery, PGA TOUR, and the Olympic Games. In this interview, Bruce (Zip) Zieper, SOUTHWORKS, Business Development Director, discusses how the explosion of data analytics has dramatically changed the relationship between the sports fan and the sports content creator. He also overviews SOUTHWORKS Test Drive – a 3-week proof of concept service (with a money-back guarantee) that lets users experience firsthand the “own it, bring it, prove it” approach before committing to the project.Thursday, April 22, 2021SOS Global's Michelle Truman on Supplying Logistical Needs for a Recovering IndustryIn the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, in-person events were drastically reduced, and logistical needs came to a screeching halt. In 2021, live events have slowly returned and the efficient transportation of equipment and other necessary materials have once again become a responsibility. Manager of Partnership Development Michelle Truman addresses the state of SOS Global’s current efforts in live event production, how the company is handling shipments for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and how they’re helping the industry move towards the tail-end of the pandemic.Thursday, April 22, 2021Shure’s Jason Waufle on the Latest in Wireless Transmitters and Boom MicsSports production professionals have always understood how essential quality audio coverage is to an elite live broadcast. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic when fans weren’t able to be in attendance, audio took centerstage in a very mainstream way. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, we speak with Jason Waufle, Senior Market Development Specialist, Pro Audio at Shure to discuss his company’s latest tools for audio production, including the AD3 Plug-On Transmitter and the newest model of shotguns mics.Thursday, April 22, 2021Live CGI’s Gavin Douglas on How Virtual Production Enables Interactive, Addressable Content for FansLive CGI creates virtual studios for sports producers that make their live panel shows and matches interactive and addressable to every viewer. In this interview, Gavin Douglas, Live CGI, Head of Partnerships, discusses interactive and addressable sports media content can benefit broadcasters, how the Live CGI experience works for the viewer, how sports producers can use Live CGI to take their content to the next level.Thursday, April 22, 2021Globecast's Neil Butterfield on the Progress of the Company's Virtual NetworkRemote productions have become the go-to model to deliver live sporting events throughout the pandemic. As a service provider, Globecast has allowed broadcasters to deliver content with reliability and assurance. Director of Sales, Latin America and Southeastern U.S.; Director, Contribution Neil Butterfield breaks down the role of the Globecast Virtual Network and how the company’s Special Events team is gearing up for a busy summer ahead.Thursday, April 22, 2021Cisco’s Robert Covington on the Need for Digital Experience Monitoring in a Post-Pandemic WorldAs a result of the pandemic, we have seen distribution of the content production process to accommodate people working from practically anywhere. As a result , content production is dependent on a greater amount of infrastructure that is not under the content producer’s control. In addition, to support new fan experiences, new applications and data sources are being utilized running also running on uncontrolled infrastructure. This could be the Internet, Public Cloud, SaaS application, etc. To ensure the best possible consumer experience, content and application owners need end to end visibility across the network and the cloud, regardless of ownership. Cisco is leading in delivering this capability. In this interview, Robert Covington, Cisco Systems, Leader, Sales Engineering Media addresses how the pandemic has changed the way media customers work and conduct business, some of the technology shifts Cisco has seen as a result of that, what this new paradigm means for media companies, and how is Cisco helping customers overcome the challenges of this new paradigm.Thursday, April 22, 2021BitFire Networks’ Ben Grafchik on the Glue That Holds Remote Production TogetherRemote productions may have accelerated in the past year but it’s the connectivity underneath the surface that has sports content creators churning out more live content than ever before. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, Ben Grafchik, VP, Business Development of BitFire Networks shares how the young company has empowered production professionals to contribute to live shows from all over the world.Thursday, April 22, 2021The State of HDR: Systems Integrators Discuss the Technique's Progress and What Lies AheadOver recent years, a handful of venues across professional sports have installed videoboards with HDR capabilities. As we head into another calendar full of new venues with HDR workflows, what is the current state of the workflow? As part of the SVG Systems Integrator Summit, Diversified's Stuart Reynolds, BeckTV's Brock Raum, and Alpha Video's Jeff Volk recap its progress, how it's altered in-venue productions, challenges that crews are still experiencing, and how it can continue to improve moving forward. You can watch this entire conversation and loads of others by simply registering for FREE access to the SVG Systems Integrator Summit at, April 22, 2021Intel Sports' Dana Dar on Transforming Mobile Fan Engagement Through Intel True ViewSince the inception of volumetric video, fans have been craving new ways to digest live sports content. Enter Intel True View, an innovation from Intel Sports that allows 360-degree coverage of any play with the help of dozens of high-definition cameras that are dispersed around the venue. Director of Strategic Business Development Dana Dar provides an overview of the technology, recent clients that the company is working with, and how this can increase engagement on digital platforms.Monday, April 19, 2021Encompass Digital Media’s Brian Morris Details State of the Art New RSN Broadcast Center in AtlantaEncompass provides world-class media services to professional sports leagues, top-tier networks & platforms, including content acquisition, media processing, playout, distribution and disaster recovery. On average, Encompass acquires/distributes 275 live events/feeds daily and services approximately 1,200 full-time channels globally. Most recently, Encompass built a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art broadcast center for 21 regional sports networks at its Atlanta facility. The company will provide end-to-end channel playout services, live event solutions and disaster recovery. The facility incorporates the latest in broadcast playout technology, using SMPTE ST 2110 protocol over managed IP networks. In this interview, Brian Morris, Encompass Digital Media, General Manager, North America, discusses the new RSN broadcast center, how the company has evolved their offers over the past year a result of the pandemic, and the launch of its new Altitude Media Cloud platform.Friday, April 16, 2021Xytech’s Greg Dolan on What the Acquisition of ScheduALL Means for the IndustryXytech recently completed its acquisition of ScheduALL, previously a subsidiary of Net Insight. The acquisition, first announced February 24, provides Xytech the ability to afford customers, and the marketplace as a whole, with an end-to-end resource management system with scalability and configurability in a cloud-enabled platform. In this interview, Xytech CCO Greg Dolan discusses how Xytech is committed to supporting the ScheduALL application and all ScheduALL clients and what the combination of ScheduALL and Xytech’s  MediaPulse facility management software and the MediaPulse Managed Cloud mean for the industry.Friday, April 16, 2021RCN’s Sean Sullivan on the Rise of 100-Gig Networks and Connectivity for Remote ProductionsIn this interview, Sean Sullivan, RCN Networks, Senior Director, Media Network Architecture, discusses how the merger of RCN, Wave Broadband and Grande Communications will impact the M&E industry, the growth of 100Gbps network at venues and studios, and how RCN has supplied first- and last-mile connectivity for the explosion of remote-production during the pandemic.Friday, April 16, 2021Dimetis’ Norman Krebill on Streamlining the On-Site Process for Mobile Production TrucksIn the face of COVID protocols, on-site live sports television productions are most thorough and complex than ever. So streamlining any areas of the process where its safe is welcome. In this edition of our SVG SportsTech On Demand series, we speak with Dimetis VP of Sales Norman Krebill to discuss how REMI-focused features in his company’s BOSS Link Manager allows for architecting and provisioning network connections for mobile production trucks at stadiums and venues before the unit arrivesFriday, April 16, 2021AE Live’s Stuart Coles on the Acquisition of Ignite and Efforts to Future Proof the BusinessIn this interview, Stuart Coles, AE Live, Chief Commercial Officer discusses how, over the last year, the company has taken the time to strategize and future proof its business for the years ahead. In addition, he details the recent acquisition of Ignite, remote productions with BT Sport and Sky Sports, the company’s plans to expand in the US market, and what’s on the horizon with a busy year including major projects with Euro 2020, Amazon Prime Video, FIFA, ITV Sport’s horse racing coverage, and much more.Thursday, April 15, 2021Diversified's Chris Sullivan and Duane Yoslov on Providing High-Grade, End-to-End Customer ServiceDiversified’s Sports & Live Events team brings three decades of expertise in sports venue technology to the arena. Dedicated to meeting the needs of valued clients, Diversified offers a comprehensive playbook of solutions ranging from control room design-build and management to media workflow, large venue sound, IPTV, AV, security, structured cabling and WiFi & DAS. As a one-hand-to-shake solutions provider, Diversified is a global company serving local needs — large enough to provide best-in-class resources, pricing, and solutions but focused enough to cater to the unique demands of each organization. In this interview, SVP of Sports & Live Events Duane Yoslov and VP of Business Development, Sports & Live Events Chris Sullivan explain how Diversified’s growth has allowed further expansion of their division and how their hyper-focused services have helped their customers achieve their goals throughout the pandemic.Thursday, April 15, 2021Blackmagic Design's Bob Caniglia Discusses Expanded ATEM Lineup and MoreBob Caniglia, Blackmagic Design, Director of Sales Operations for the Americas, discusses a range of new products, including the expanded ATEM lineup, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, evolving market dynamics and the role 5G could play in providing an extra layer of value to Blackmagic Design’s product lineup.Tuesday, April 13, 2021Xcite Interactive's Sean Hopkins on Increasing Fan Participation Through the Popular XEO PlatformWhen the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, in-venue production became one of the most affected sectors of the industry. With games being played without fans or in front of a limited capacity. Xcite Interactive’s XEO platform allowed professional teams like the San Francisco 49ers, New Jersey Devils, and LAFC to connect with fans through real-time trivia and gaming opportunities. CTO Sean Hopkins outlines how their technology allowed fans to connect with each other during an elongated period of isolation and how this application will continue to grow in the future.Tuesday, April 13, 2021Venue Edge's David Saphirstein on Transforming In-Venue Production During the COVID-19 PandemicAttending a sporting event is a truly one-of-a-kind experience: hearing the cheers of the crows and the flashing lights of the LED displays. Throughout the last year, venues across the country went silent when games were played behind closed doors. Founder David Saphirstein breaks down how Venue Edge helped their partners create an enticing in-venue show during college football bowl season and college basketball conference tournaments and how packed stadiums in the future will affect their approach.Tuesday, April 13, 2021Daktronics' Mike Cruz on Control Room and LED Technology of the New Globe Life FieldOutfitted with a bevy of broadcast equipment from Daktronics, Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX Is presenting the game of baseball to Texas Rangers fans in a new way. Applications Engineer Mike Cruz breaks down the gear featured around the stadium and in the control room as well as the technology’s reliability during the “neutral site” productions of the 2020 World Series.Tuesday, April 13, 2021Crown Castle's Dale Bertucci on Developing a Fully Connected Gameday Experience at Sporting VenuesPrior to the COVID-19 pandemic, sporting venues were packed to the gills with fans using their mobile devices. With high traffic of cellular activity, it could be difficult for in-venue personnel to produce a videoboard show with accuracy and precision. Small Cell Director of Sales for Venues Dale Bertucci breaks down how Crown Castle is delivering sure-fire solutions that allow venues to run without interruption and how a fully connected environment is giving patrons a plethora of options to maximize their gameday experienceTuesday, April 13, 2021Alpha Video's Jeff Volk on the Success of Projects in 2020 and the Continued Role of Remote Options2020 was a busy year for Alpha Video, which included projects with the Las Vegas Raiders’ new stadium, Allegiant Stadium, and their new training facility, Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. Vice President Jeff Volk provides an update on those involvements as well as others that occurred in collegiate athletics and explains how remote and cloud-based workflows will continue to be a gamechanger when the pandemic subsides.

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