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Tuesday, November 22, 2022Super League Gaming's Brian Gramo on Distributed Live Event Production WorkflowsLive esports events are being supported by various flavors of distributed workflows these days, some of which open the doors for a much bigger show on a tighter budget. At the 2022 SVG Esports Production Summit, Brian Gramo, VP of Video Production and Head of Super Studios for Super League Gaming shares how the esports industry has been in the position to capitalize on outside-of-the-box innovation and offers a peek at a new solution provided by his company called SuperView, which allows for multiple individuals from anywhere to contribute on a single live esports production. To learn more about SuperView, visit, November 21, 2022Ross Video's Phil Englert on Meeting the Diverse Technological Needs of Live Esports ProducersThe live esports production industry to wildly diverse. Shows of all shapes and sizes will tap into every flavor of workflow model out there today; from full on-site productions to REMI, in the cloud, and even distributed hybrid models At the 2022 SVG Esports Production Summit, we caught up with Phil Englert, Business Development Manager – Global Esports for Ross Video to discuss how solutions are developed and/or adapted to meet these unique workflows. A veteran of esports production, Englert shares what makes this segment of the industry unique and how Ross Video is strategically positioned to serve targeted industry verticals such as this. Ross Video was the title sponsor of the 2022 SVG Esports Production Summit.Wednesday, November 16, 2022Esports Engine's Ryan Thompson on the Return to Live In-Person Esports EventsLive esports events are back! In fact, the total number of live esports events has quadrupled year-over-year after a rocky COVID-affected 2021. At the 2022 SVG Esports Production Summit, we caught up with Ryan Thompson, the Co-Founder and Chief Production Officer of Esports Engine, a turnkey company dedicated to overseeing live production workflows for esports game publishers, rightsholders, broadcasters, etc. He shares how producers are meeting ghe demands of more live events and how esports events are all not cut from the same cloth.Monday, November 14, 2022EA's Joe Lynch on the Sharp Growth of the Apex Legends Global SeriesElectronic Arts (EA) is heating up the esports scene with popular sports titles like Madden NFL and FIFA, but the Apex Legends Global Series has quickly jumped to the fore as one of the more exciting esports competitions in the industry today. At the 2022 SVG Esports Production Summit, Joe Lynch, Group Director, Content & Programming at Electronic Arts took a moment to share the latest events his company is putting on and to discuss some of the emerging trends in the live production workflows powering esports events of all sizes.Wednesday, November 2, 2022Tagboard’s Christine Chalk on Augmenting the Overall Fan Experience With Automated Social ContentThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Tagboard as a new premier sponsor. The company is a cloud production platform for live programming, which lets broadcasters and sports leagues incorporate social media graphics onto on-air coverage and in-stadium videos. Through partnerships with various entities like NBC Olympics, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Turner Sports, and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Tagboard has developed an automated solution that allows these broadcasters to attach social media content to their linear or digital product. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with Tagboard’s SVP of Strategy Christine Chalk about the services that the company provides the industry, how sports networks leverage their tools to put the fan at the center of the action, how a new round of Series A funding has expanded their business, and where they see themselves as social media and second-screen experiences become synonymous with live-event productions.Thursday, October 27, 2022Sinclair Broadcast Group's Paul Spinelli on Juggling Satellite and IP Amidst a Boom in ContentFrom satellite to fiber and even 5G, national networks are juggling - and improving - more transmission and contribution paths than ever. For Sinclair Broadcast Group that means managing feeds for not just the 19 Bally Sports regional sports networks but hundreds of local broadcast channels across the country. At the 2022 TranSPORT conference in New York City, we caught up with Paul Spinelli, Director, Distribution and Network Systems at Sinclair Broadcast Group to discuss how he sees the transmission industry shaking out and what technologies are helping fuel the content boom.Tuesday, October 25, 2022FOX Sports' Brad Cheney on How "Home Run" Productions Shake Up the Industry's Vision of TransmissionHome Run. REMI. Remote. At-home. It's a production model that may come in many names but there's one truth that's universal: these production models are dramatically expanding and reshaping internal transmission plans for major broadcasters. At the 2022 SVG TranSPORT conference, Brad Cheney, VP, Field Operations and Engineering at FOX Sports shares how "home run" productions at his company require robust transmission and contribution plans and offers a peek at how those workflows and infrastructures will play a key role in the network's next few (very busy) months.Thursday, October 20, 2022TranSPORT: Signiant's Jon Finegold on the Spike of Video Content DeliveryIn the exploding world of sports content, the reliable delivery of live video feeds has become the lifeblood of the industry. However, file-based media delivery surrounding the game for video-on-demand may be even bigger. At SVG's TranSPORT conference, Jon Finegold, Chief Marketing Officer at Signiant stooped by to share his thoughts on important shifts in the business as well as spotlight how recept company acquisitions are positioning Signiant as a leading SaaS service.Thursday, October 20, 2022Newsbridge's James Fraser on the Power, Precision of AI-Based Clipping for Sports RightsholdersThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Newsbridge as a new corporate sponsor. Based in France, the company is the ultimate platform for next-gen media valorization by offering video indexing tools based on Multimodal AI contribution for media and sports rightsholders. Taking into account facial, object, and scene recognition with audio transcription and semantic context, Newsbridge provides access to content while simultaneously offering a unique clip & collect experience for external media buyers or sponsors. Whether it be de-rushing, archiving, investigative research, or content resale, the solution allows for smart media asset management. In this New SVG Sponsor Spotlight, Newsbridge's Head of U.S. Sales James Fraser dives deep into how the company plans to repeat their success with their new business in the United States, the services that they offer, how clients are using their solutions throughout the industry, and what the company's next steps will be over the next 6 to 12 months.Thursday, October 13, 2022LTN's Colin Moran on the Growth of Remote Production WorkflowsRemote and hybrid live production environments are reshaping how the industry views everything from workflows, to facilities, to even staffing. At the 2022 SVG Remote Production Forum, LTN's VP of Production Products Colin Moran shared the thought process behind the company's LTN Flex solution and offers his take on the key industry trends as this flavor of live production evolves.Wednesday, September 14, 2022Wesco's Phil Langley on Broadcast Technology Migrating Up Onto the NetworkFrom live broadcasting to in-stadium tech and even pro A/V solutions, there's not many corners of the media and entertainment space that hasn't been innovated on by Wesco. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Brandon Costa speaks with Phil Langley, SVP Global Enterprise AV & Broadcast for Wesco to get his take on the big trends across the industry today that his company is tackling and how SDI migrating to the network is a huge evolution impacting the live sports world.Thursday, September 8, 2022Rohde & Schwarz's Erik Balladares on the VENICE Core and the Migration to Software-Based SolutionsWith a legacy that dates back more than 85 years, Rohde & Schwarz is a trailblazer in test & measurement, technology systems, and networks & cybersecurity technology. Over the past decade, the company has made a noted shift from hardware to software solutions to better serve the media and entertainment space. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Brandon Costa catches up with Erik Balladares, VP, Broadcast & Media at Rohde & Schwarz to discuss the latest solutions serving the sports market, including tools for shared media storage, monitoring, graphics, playout, and more.Tuesday, August 30, 2022AIR’s Nick Nordquist on How the New AIR One System Brings Live Production Capabilities to the MassesAdvanced Image Robotics was founded in 2020 in an effort to let creators and producers focus on the content and not have to be IT experts. The founders were also looking to create a purpose-built platform that could broadcast an event without breaking the budget. Scheduled to ship in Q4 of this year, the AIR One ecosystem allows a small production team (or even a single individual) to capture with a robotic 4K-cinema-quality camera, control with a simple iPad-based app, switch and edit via the custom-designed AIRCloud platform; and stream to viewers directly from the camera using a simple ethernet connection. It has already been used successfully on a variety of live-sports events, including NBA Summer League, Major League Rugby, and Brazilian jiujitsu tournaments. Using robotic controls and machine precision to give provide greater accuracy in shooting, the camera equipment used in the AIR One system sets up and breaks down in minutes. In addition, direct cloud connection streamlines the camera-to-viewer workflow, enabling distributed teams through cloud production for a more efficient labor force. SVG sat down with Founder and Chief Product Officer Nick Nordquist to discuss the how the idea for AIR originally came from his daughter’s soccer matches, where he sees the AIR One platform fitting into the overall live sports ecosystem, and how remote and distributed production models are changing the face of live production.Thursday, August 18, 2022NETGEAR’s John Henkel on Supplying Turnkey Solutions for Professional, Collegiate ProductionsThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome NETGEAR as a new premier sponsor. The company specialized in innovative networking products that connect people and power businesses. Known for providing AV-over-IP solutions, NETGEAR has been involved in a handful of projects over the past three years that span the gamut of sports-video productions. Some examples include the esports program at Harrisburg University in 2019, the Philadelphia Union at Subaru Park in 2021, and Hawk-Eye in 2022. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernández speaks with NETGEAR’s Director of Product Marketing John Henkel about the services that the company provides the industry, their recent partnerships that are driving both professional and collegiate productions, and the goals they hope to achieve by the end of this year and throughout 2023.Tuesday, August 16, 2022Transmit's Scott Young on Effectively Monetizing Live Streaming Sports ContentThe Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Transmit as a new premier sponsor. Transmit's software allows streaming platforms and broadcasters to monetize their content and live events by creating new in-stream inventory, filling traditional ad breaks, and developing more effective ad-pods. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Transmit's Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Young shares the details of the valuable tools that his company is bringing to the live sports marketplace and how the sky is the limit for streaming sports in the future.Thursday, August 11, 2022Beverly Hills Aerials' Michael Izquierdo Highlights the Opportunities for Drones Over the CornfieldThere isn't a better playground for aerial drones than the acres of empty cornfields in Dyersville, IA. Beverly Hills Aerials, the masterminds behind the drones seen at marquee events throughout the sports calendar, is once again back onsite to showcase the landscape surrounding the second-annual matchup. Chief Pilot Michael Izquierdo reflects on how their drones became the star of last year's show, previews how shots and angles displayed during this year's event will look different, the full arsenal of onsite drones, how the cornfields provide a blank canvas with a ton of freedom, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that MLB at Field of Dreams provides for the crew.Thursday, August 11, 2022MLB's Brian O'Gara on the Creative Choices That Went Into Building MLB at Field of DreamsBuilding a gorgeous Major League Baseball-certified ballpark in the middle of a corn field in rural Iowa is no small task. How did the league do it and what guided their creative vision for this wildly unique environment? Brian O'Gara, VP, Events & Game Presentation for Major League Baseball shared his perspective on the choices made, the obstacles overcome, and the collaboration necessary to pull off one of the more unique fan activations in the league's long and stories history.Thursday, August 11, 2022FOX Sports Lead MLB Director Matt Gangl Talks Pregame at MLB at Field of DreamsThe 2021 edition of MLB at Field of Dreams struck all of the right chords: a never-before-seen venue for baseball, beautiful weather, and a thrilling game that ended with a walk-off home run. Now, FOX Sports is back to deliver another feast for the eyes from the historic movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. Prior to the 2022 MLB at Field of Dreams game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds, Matt Gangl, lead director for baseball at FOX Sports discussed what makes this such a special project to direct, his favorite shots to cut to, and why he thinks this event has resonated so well with viewers and baseball fans.Thursday, August 4, 2022WWE's Rex Canning on the Build Out of the Wrestling Giant's New Media FacilityWorld Wrestling Entertainment is currently constructing a new facility. What does that mean for the sports entertainment giant's media management workflows? At the 2022 SVG Sports Content Management Forum, Rex Canning, Senior Director of Media Management Services for WWE shares what its been like to build a new storage backend from, essentially, the ground up.Thursday, August 4, 2022FOX Sports' Dustin Myers on Readying Media Management Workflows for a Busy FallIt's the calm before the storm at FOX Sports. Or is it? As the network gears up for the return of the NFL and the MLB Postseason before the FIFA World Cup in November and the Super Bowl in February, staff is readying its facilities for the big rush. At the 2022 SVG Sports Content Management Forum, Dustin Myers, SVP, Production Operations for Fox Sports shares how his team is lining up their workflows and what key topics in the segment of media management he is keeping an eye on.Thursday, August 4, 2022Warner Bros. Discovery's Anne Graham on the Value of Industry-Wide Collaboration in Media ManagementIn a time of great transition for the sports media industry, management of large scale assets at the league and network level are shifting more to the cloud and into workflows accessible for nearly anywhere. At the 2022 SVG Sports Content Management Forum, Anne Graham, Manager of Strategy and Planning, Sports Media Services at Warner Bros. Discovery and the chairperson of this year's event shares her thoughts on the value of industry-wide collaboration and how it can make the entire process more efficient and profitable for all.Wednesday, August 3, 2022Vin Scully: A TributeVin Scully, the legendary broadcaster who called Dodgers games in Brooklyn and Los Angeles for 67 years, died Tuesday night at the age of 94. Scully was behind the microphone — either on radio or television — for 28 World Series, 20 no-hitters, and four perfect games. He also called the NFL and golf, including eight Masters. Relive his iconic career through this tribute video from his Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame induction in 2008.Tuesday, August 2, 2022NBA's Chris Halton Applauds the League's Storage, Archival Workflow During 75th Anniversary SeasonSeventy-five years after its first official game, the National Basketball Association has metamorphosed into a large-scale media giant. Whether its dazzling highlights on social media or developing long-form serialized content that tells the stories of their athletes, the league is handling an absurd amount of data on a daily basis. At the 2022 Sports Content Management Forum, NBA's SVP of Media Technology and Operations Chris Halton dissects how the league's storage workflow changed since 2020, how his team adjusts to the constant ingest of files every year, how their archival process was critical during the NBA's 75th anniversary season, and the challenges that lie ahead in the near future.Tuesday, July 26, 2022SVG Rewind: NBC Sports’ Joel Felicio Recaps Production Elements of the 2022 Tour de FranceThe 2022 Tour de France officially came to close over the weekend, and Denmark’s Jonas Vingegaard took home the yellow jersey as this year’s winner. As the longtime U.S. broadcaster of the global cycling event, NBC Sports was once again at the center of the action for all 21 stages. In this episode of SVG Rewind, Coordinating Producer Joel Felicio discusses the 2022 efforts, lessons learned during three years of producing the event remotely, and what it takes to keep viewers engaged with next-generation technologies and how the production effort is a truly global one.Tuesday, July 19, 2022MLB All-Star 2022: FOX Sports' Francisco Contreras Dives Into Dirt Cam and Baseball InnovationAt the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, FOX Sports is again primed to push the envelope with more than 70 cameras, including multiple high speed systems and exciting speciality angles. FOX Sports' Director of Field Operations Francisco Contreras takes a dive into the latest developments with Dirt Cam (which is now also at second base) and shares how the Midsummer Classic continues to be an event when the company takes the opportunity to think differently when it comes to live production tools.Tuesday, July 19, 2022MLB All-Star 2022: FOX Sports' Tom Lynch on Dugout RailCam and the Camera and Lens LineupThe MLB All-Star Game is an annual production breeding ground for FOX Sports and the 2022 edition at Dodger Stadium is no different. The network is debuting a new RailCam system across the roof of the American League dugout and working in two of the new Sony 5500 cameras to add a cinematic look to shots from low first and low third. FOX Sports' Lead Technical Producer Tom Lynch offers up a quick tour of the acquisition resources at the Midsummer Classic in Los Angeles and expounds upon the crews and the relationships that make it all possible.Monday, July 18, 2022MLB All-Star 2022: ESPN's Phil Orlins on the Fast-Paced, Date-Filled MLB Home Run Derby ProductionThe MLB Home Run Derby is annually one of the biggest nights in the summer sports calendar and ESPN is on-site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to deliver a pair of productions of this year's event. ESPN Vice President of Production Phil Orlins takes some time on Derby Day 2022 to break down what technologies and production tools help the network keep up with the fast pace of this event and how the T-Mobile Home Run Derby Statcast Edition alternate telecast - airing on ESPN2 - is one of the strongest alternate telecasts the network offers.Thursday, July 14, 2022EA’s Joe Lynch Goes Inside the Apex Legends Global Series Championship ProductionFor the first time, EA welcomed an onsite audience for the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship, which took place over the weekend at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. In addition the packed house, the audience peaked at more than 632,000 concurrent viewers for the final and the live stream averaged nearly 290,000 viewers across all platforms throughout the event –  notching 11.2 million hours watched as DarkZero took home the title. With a player base of more than 100 million people, Apex Legends is among the most popular battle royale games ever. Now in its second year, the ALGS is also among the most popular esports leagues on the planet, and last weekend’s championship marked the culmination of a rapid evolution in EA’s live-production workflows for the past two years. Launched during the pandemic, with all tournaments online, the ALGS held its Year 1 Championship in-person in Stockholm but without an onsite audience. The Year 2 Championship last weekend was the first Apex Legends major event to be held with fans in the stands, creating an entirely new scenario for EA and its production partner PGL Esports. Complementing the in-arena competition, the ALGS Championship delivered an interactive experience for viewers on Twitch, with a mix of cutting-edge broadcast technology (including Multiview), Twitch drops, exclusive content, and more. SVG sat down with Joe Lynch, group head of content and programming, EA, to look back at how the production went in Raleigh, the workflows and technology used, what his team learned from its first-ever Apex Legends major event in front of a crowd, and how the Year 2 Championship marks a new era of EA’s Apex Legends esports-production efforts.Monday, July 11, 2022The State of Labor: Managing a Shrinking Workforce and What’s Ahead for the Freelance MarketDuring the pandemic, the industry — on both the national and the regional level — saw an exodus of sports-production professionals when many industry veterans opted to retire or find new career paths. As a result, regional sports networks, in particular, find themselves searching desperately for talented engineers and production crew to work the thousands of regional broadcasts they deliver each year. Broadcast-production-labor–services provider Program Productions has sprung into action making a significant investment in seting up a program to recruit and train the next generation of live sports production technicians. At the 2022 SVG RSN Summit, Bob Carzoli, Chairman of the Board and CEO of ProCrewz spoke with SVG's Ken Kerschbaumer about the program and what's to come. This conversation was recorded on June 30, 2022.Friday, July 8, 2022Program Productions' Amy Scheller on Investing in the Next Generation of Live TechniciansDuring the pandemic, the live sports production industry — on both the national and the regional level — saw an exodus of sports-production professionals when many industry veterans opted to retire or find new career paths. As a result, RSNs find themselves searching desperately for talented engineers and production crew to work the thousands of regional broadcasts they deliver each year. Broadcast-production-labor–services provider Program Productions is offering a solution to this challenge by investing significantly in a technician training initiative to fill critical roles with young, motivated talent. At the 2022 SVG RSN Summit, Program Productions' EVP, Strategy & Development and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Amy Scheller offered a peak at the efforts and encouraged networks across the country to support the project.Tuesday, July 5, 2022YES Network's Jared Boshnack on the YES App's Evolution, Implementation of At-Home WorkflowsDespite the multitude of challenges facing the sports-video-production industry, the YES Network has emerged. Headlined by high-quality linear productions of the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, New York Liberty, and New York City Football Club as well as digital programming on the YES App, the regional sports network is also hitting its stride on the technological front with its implementation of at-home workflows. At the 2022 RSN Summit, YES Network's Vice President, Production Jared Boshnack discusses how the organization is striking a balance between at-home and onsite production models, some of the new features of the YES App, how this digital avenue is transforming the network's programming strategy, and what sports fans in the New York metropolitan area can expect throughout the rest of the year.Friday, June 24, 2022NHL's Matt Celli on the Creation, Success of League's Third Period Live YouTube ShowThe National Hockey League is nearing the conclusion of the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning, but throughout this series, fans have been entertained by the league's newest digital show. Third Period Live, a conversational show that live streams on the NHL YouTube channel during the third period of every game, debuted for this year's Conference Finals and features talent like NHL Host Jillian Sakovits, NHL Social Media Correspondent and Reporter Annie Mae, NHL contributor Jonny Lazarus, NHL reporter Julie Stewart-Binks, and more. Since then, it's blossomed into a platform that brings together advanced metrics, fun personalities, and celebrity guests to discuss the progress of the game in real-time. NHL Studios' VP and Coordinating Director Matt Celli discusses the show's inception, the league's intended goals for the programming, the segments and features that fans can experience while watching, the behind-the-scenes workflows that make each episode possible, how successful the digital show has been in its first year, and what can be expected at the beginning of next season.Friday, June 24, 2022Barry Johnstone: A TributeThe sports broadcasting industry has lost a titan. Barry Johnstone, chairman of EMG’s UK companies, co-founder of CTV in 1980, and a key industry figure in the UK and global sports production marketplace for more than 40 years, died of a heart attack on the night of June 23 at the age of 77. Johnstone was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2013. Born and educated in New Zealand, he arrived in the UK in 1970 and from 1971 to 1980 he was International Director at Magnet Records. In 1980 he co-founded a small post production facility which was acquired by Carlton Communications, and the company was rebranded Carlton Television Facilities (CTV). In 1981, Barry was appointed CEO and broadened its services in the mid 80s to include studios, OBs and transmission / playout. For more than 40 years Johnstone would remain at the center of one of Europe’s leading mobile-production-truck providers. Since beginning work at age 15, Johnstone has had some remarkable adventures, but OB trucks were his love and business passion. Johnstone also served on the SVG Europe advisory board and in 2018 was presented with the SVG Europe Outstanding Contribution to European Sports Broadcasting Award. SVG and SVG Europe will have additional details regarding services in the coming days.Thursday, June 23, 2022Charleston Southern University's Nick Case on Coming Back Strong for the 2022 Collegiate ScheduleThe COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in everyone's plans over the last two years. For mid-major institutions, like Charleston Southern University, bouncing back from hardship takes a lot more ingenuity, determination, and togetherness. At the SVG College Summit, Charleston Southern University's Assistant Athletic Director of Broadcast Services Nick Case explains the challenges that needed to be overcome during the COVID-19 pandemic, how productions returned to normalcy last year, and how his team can come back even stronger for the 2022 athletics schedule.Thursday, June 23, 2022Mississippi State's Bennie Ashford on Producing a Wild Baseball Postseason, Adapting to Remote ShowsWhen the spring time rolls around in Starkville, MS, the Mississippi State University Bulldogs are on the hunt for a NCAA Division I Baseball National Championship. Coming off of the program's first ever title in 2021, the university's production team were dealt a difficult hand with not only producing shows for a Regional but also a Super Regional. At the SVG College Summit, Mississippi State University's Senior Associate Athletic Director of Broadcast Operations & Live Events Bennie Ashford details how his team pulled off their responsibilities during that busy baseball postseason, the lessons learned from working alongside ESPN over the last two years, and how his students are gaining valuable experience working within a remote production environment.Thursday, June 23, 2022Notre Dame's Alessandra Dickos on Developing a New Direct-to-Consumer Platform for FansA selection of college athletics’ biggest brands have developed their own subscription-based content services to explore a new, direct relationship with fans and alumni. As one of the more famous brands in collegiate athletics, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish launched Fighting Irish TV in September 2021. In partnership with NBC Sports, domestic and international supporters of the program can access premium content through this new digital pipeline. At the SVG College Summit, University of Notre Dame's Digital Platform Manager of Fighting Irish Media Alessandra Dickos addresses the initial stages of creating this new platform, the variety of content that fans can enjoy, and how this project can continue to grow in the future.Wednesday, June 22, 2022University of South Carolina's Valerie Gerfin on New In-Venue Enhancements at Williams–Brice StadiumFootball games played on Saturdays in the Southeastern Conference present a different kind of environment. Home to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia, SC, Williams-Brice Stadium can seat nearly 78,000 patrons for any given matchup. Heading into last season, fans walking through the turnstiles witness a new 36-by-124 feet videoboard within the 87-year-old structure. At the SVG College Summit, University of South Carolina's Associate Director of Live Productions Valerie Gerfin runs through the installation the football venue's new centerpiece, the other enhancements that were added along with the LED display, and how the gameday atmosphere will continue to improve heading into the 2022 season in the fall.Tuesday, June 21, 2022Harvard University's Imry Halevi on Winning the SVG College Pioneer Award, Impactful Industry TrendsThe SVG College Pioneer Award — an honor decided in a multi-step voting process by a panel of past honorees, current and former SVG College Summit chairpeople, SVG staffers, and members of the SVG College Advisory Committee — is given to an individual that exhibits strong leadership qualities, exemplary performance in a live-event setting, and presents innovative ideas and solutions to the collegiate-sports-video-production community. This year's recipient, Harvard University's Associate Director of Athletics - Content & Strategic Communications Imry Halevi, is well known for his ability to help others while also blazing the trail for others in his position to follow. At the SVG College Summit, Halevi breaks down what it means to win this prestigious award, how the industry has evolved over the last decade, and the trends and technologies he's excited to see during the upcoming fall schedule.Tuesday, June 21, 2022University of Michigan's Kurt Svoboda on Slowly Returning to Pre-Pandemic ProductionsSimilar to professional organizations, collegiate programs had to navigate the murky waters of the COVID-19 pandemic when sports came back to the calendar. Ranging from large-sized schools to mid-major institutions, the entire college sports landscape learned new ways of producing live events in a safe way. Now more than a year a year later, shows are gradually looking more like traditional onsite efforts. At the 2022 SVG College Summit, University of Michigan's Associate Athletic Director for External Communications & Public Relations Kurt Svoboda highlights how productions returned to pre-pandemic standards in Ann Arbor and how the positive momentum gained in 2021-22 can translate into further success for the next academic year.Tuesday, June 21, 2022Wasabi's Whit Jackson on Enabling Low-Cost Hot Cloud Storage for the Sports-Video-Production MarketThe Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Wasabi Technologies as a new corporate sponsor. Since 2017, the company has been changing the cloud storage landscape with Hot Cloud Storage — a disruptively simple, one size fits all cloud storage technology. Wasabi's services allows users to affordably store a nearly infinite amount of data and focus on making cloud storage a simple utility. In this SVG New Sponsor Spotlight, Wasabi Technologies' VP of Technology Alliances/M&E Whit Jackson runs down the company's offerings, why the sports-video-production market is an important sector to tap into, and some of the new clients in professional and collegiate sports that are leveraging their services.Monday, June 20, 2022University of North Carolina's Ken Cleary on the Importance of Being In-Person in AtlantaThe entire sports-video-production ecosystem has changed over the last two years, and the collegiate community has both adapted and learned since the last in-person SVG College Summit in June 2019. Originally appointed as Chairperson in January 2020 before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, University of North Carolina's Associate Athletic Director – Go Heels Productions Ken Cleary shifted to lead multiple virtual events prior to the in-person gathering in 2022. At the SVG College Summit, Cleary describes what it means to lead this year's program, what it was like to develop an agenda for consecutive virtual events, how important it is for every one to spend quality time together in person, and how the collegiate-sports-video community has become better since the last time the show was in Atlanta.Monday, June 20, 2022Ross Video's Kevin Cottam on the Company's Continued Support of Collegiate-Video ProductionThe collegiate-sports-video community continues to grow each and every year, and despite their exponential growth, the one constant that has remained is the support of Ross Video. Whether its their lineup of products and solutions that make live event productions possible or their commitment to educating and nurturing the next generation of professionals, the company has been a driving force in this sector of the industry, At the SVG College Summit, Ross Video's VP, Sports & Live Events – Global Kevin Cottam explains why the collegiate-sports market is important to the company, how he's seen this community evolve and improve over time, and ways in which their services and solutions are being leveraged by collegiate in-venue teams.Friday, June 17, 2022SVG College Pioneer Award: Imry HaleviAt the 2022 SVG College Summit in Atlanta, Sports Video Group celebrated the career of Imry Halevi with the presentation of the SVG College Pioneer Award. In his current role of Associate Director of Athletics - Content & Strategic Communications for Harvard University Athletics, Halevi is one of the industry's leading innovators in live sports production and is a constant resources for the college sports industry nationwide. Halevi leads Harvard Athletics' Content & Strategic Communications group, uniting the multimedia and communications teams in a new and unique structure for collegiate athletics departments. He oversees the production and streaming of 38 of Harvard's 42 varsity teams. He worked with his counterparts from the Ivy League office and the other seven league schools, to launch and develop the league's integrated platform for live and on-demand content - the Ivy League Network. In 2018, Halevi helped the Ivy League launch a new league-wide partnership with ESPN, and establish the "Ivy League on ESPN" network. During his time at Harvard, he has reorganized video board productions and live game broadcasting, bringing these efforts in house, and expanding their scope and reach. His efforts include the completion of two central control rooms, and the building of a NCAA-leading fully automated streaming infrastructure for tennis and squash meets. The Crimson have seen their online viewership more than double and their subscription revenues triple within his first year. Halevi established partnerships between Harvard and ESPN and NESN (New England Sports Network), as well as other national and regional networks, to broadcast the Crimson’s in-house productions of live sporting events, the first such relationship in the Ivy League. Staffing the productions almost exclusively with students from local area colleges, Halevi and the multimedia team were able to provide real-world hands-on experience for dozens of students looking to develop their production and broadcasting skills. In the early days of his career, Halevi served as Associate Director of Video Production at Northeastern University. There, he directed live event broadcasting, post-production, branding and graphic design for the Huskies while overseeing hiring and training for the video production team and managing capital and operating production budgets for the Athletics department. He also led the re-branding efforts at Northeastern Athletics in 2009, a process that streamlined and simplified the marks and branding guide for the department. Before coming to Northeastern, Halevi served as video production and graphic design assistant at Boston University’s Agganis Arena, where he created commercial spots for national and local television broadcasts, and produced original content for the center-hung video board at the 6,000-seat arena. Halevi is a member of the SVG College Summit Advisory Board and chaired the Sports Video Group’s 2016 College Sports Summit. Additionally, he chairs the Ivy League Digital Strategy Committee and the Ivy League Multimedia Directors Group and co-chairs the Harvard Athletics Multimedia and Technology Advisory Committee. The SVG College Pioneer Award is selected in a multi-step voting process by a panel of past Pioneer Award honorees, current and former SVG College Summit chairmen, SVG staffers, and members of the SVG College Advisory Committee. SVG College Sports Summit Pioneer Award Honorees: 2021-2022: Imry Halevi, Harvard University 2019: Tom Odjakjian, American Athletic Conference, Big East Conference, ESPN 2018: Rick Bagby, Clemson University 2017: Chris Taylor, Ball State University 2016: Jim Nachtman, Pennsylvania State University 2015: John Kvatek, University of Central Florida 2015: Jeff Schmahl, Texas A&M University, University of Nebraska 2014: Rick Church, Michigan State University 2013: Mark Rodin, Florida State University 2012: Ken Norris, University of California, Los AngelesThursday, June 9, 2022Spalk’s Ben Reynolds on the Influence of Remote Commentary in a Post-COVID WorldThe Sports Video Group is excited to welcome Spalk as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. The company was started under the premise that every sports fan should be able to listen to their favorite commentator when streaming live sports and also personalize the live sports experience. Through the development of an Enterprise Software Solution, Spalk is helping broadcasters, sports leagues, and teams deliver multiple commentary options for their live sports streams, enabling a customized viewing experience, and growing their audience at a reduced cost. In this New Sponsor Spotlight, SVG’s Kristian Hernandez speaks with Spalk CEO and Co-Founder Ben Reynolds about the services that the company provides the sports-video-prodcution industry, how their work was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, partnerships with key sports clients such as World Rugby and DAZN, and what the future of remote commentary will look like moving forward.Thursday, June 9, 2022ESPN' Meg Aronowtiz on Increasing the Popularity of the WCWS With Engaging Technologies, StorylinesWith each passing year, the Women's College World Series is continuing to grow in popularity. Backed by an uptick in ratings and sold-out crowds that come by the thousands in Oklahoma City, increasing the production value gradually becomes more of an importance for the folks at ESPN. At the 2022 Women's College World Series, ESPN's VP, Production Meg Aronowitz explains the new technologies in place at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium, why it's critical to have a full onsite crew for this popular event, and how the engaging storylines can capture the interest of fans watching from home.Monday, June 6, 2022ESPN's Spike Szykowny on Graphics Creation, Operation in a Hybrid EnvironmentThe arrival of the pandemic forced a tectonic shift in the way sports-graphics and creative teams operate. Many of the remote and virtual workflows are here to stay, and production pipelines will never be the same. At the 2022 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, ESPN Creative Studios' Senior Director of Animation, Graphics Innovation, and Production Design Michael "Spike" Szykowny discusses how his team adapted to the onset of COVID-19, how they maintained a steady line of communication to accomplish objectives, and how to balance day-to-day operations within a hybrid environment.Monday, June 6, 2022Big Studios' Joss Meinert on Supplying the Creative Vision for the NHL on TNT, NHL on ESPNFor the first time in more than a decade and a half, the National Hockey League had a new home for the 2021-22 season. The league's two national broadcasters, ESPN and Turner Sports, recruited the assistance of Big Studios in Toronto to accomplish their creative vision for their on-air graphics package. At the 2022 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Big Studios' Owner/Director Joss Meinert reflects on working with these two networks, how their respective philosophies are different, the major themes that are seen in both examples, and what these projects mean for the company.Monday, June 6, 2022TUDN's Alexis Salinas on the Network's Expansion of Real-Time AR, Next-Gen Virtual GraphicsNo technology has shaken up the broadcast-graphics business more in recent years than the arrival of real-time augmented reality and next-gen virtual graphics. From Unreal Engine to real-time tracking to fully immersive experiences, creatives have a bevy of new tools at their fingertips, as well as more deliverables than ever. At TUDN, the network is expanding its offerings for coverage of high-profile sporting events like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Liga MX, and more. At the 2022 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Univision Deportes' Senior Director of Technical Creative Services Alexis Salinas spotlights the ways that these real-time applications are being deployed and the new opportunities of newly-expanded portfolio of properties.Friday, June 3, 2022NBC Sports' David Barton on Developing Graphics for Two Olympics in Six MonthsAfter the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by one year, the eyes of the entire world were watching the Games of the XXXII Olympiad on NBC. Despite attendees not being able to witness the Summer Games in person, many viewers were transported to the city via the colorful and informative on-air graphics that were shown throughout the two-week competition. Without wasting any time, the network needed to regroup and rebound for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in six months. At the 2022 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, NBC Sports' Senior Art Director David Barton highlights the inspiration behind the visuals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the challenges of putting the package together, how their work transformed and stayed the same for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and the advice he would share to others if they had to build a concept in a short amount of time.Friday, June 3, 2022Turner Sports' Jordan Shorthouse on Capturing the Essence of Hockey in the Graphics of NHL on TNTCurrently in their inaugural NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Turner Sports has dazzled professional hockey fans with stunning graphics and visuals that tap into the finer details of the game. Whether its the danger and intrigue of their "Black Ice" concept, keying into the passion of each fanbase, expressing the violence and frenetic movement of the sport, or showcasing the sleek design of their studio, there's something new to see every time you watch the NHL on TNT. At the 2022 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Turner Sports' VP and Creative Director Jordan Shorthouse shares how the team reacted when they learned that the NHL was coming to their network, how they developed the package in the midst of the NBA's 75th season and the MLB postseason, how Big Studios made this project possible, and the feedback that they've received from viewers.

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