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Schubin Cafe: The Impossible Dream of Perfect Lip Sync

There is definitely plenty that can be done to improve lip sync.  Making it perfect, however, might not be possible, says Mark Schubin in this week’s post. Perhaps it would be best to start with a definition. Lip sync is the synchronization of the sounds emerging from moving lips with the images of those moving lips.  No […]  More

Schubin Cafe Event Serves Up Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat Overview

SMPTE Fellow Mark Schubin treated New York City technologists to an overview of the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat that was held in Palm Springs, CA during February, 2010. “The unofficial motto is ‘someone will be there who knows the answer,’” says Schubin of the event that drew more than 450 attendees. “There are more […]  More

2010 HPA Tech Retreat: What Gave Some “Avatar” Viewers Discomfort?

It’s hard to report on the HPA Tech Retreat, held in mid-February in Palm Springs, CA. There were almost 100 presentations in the main program, not counting more than 60 breakfast roundtables, four demo rooms (and a truck), and networking lunches, dinners, and strange-rules softball games for the more than 450 registered participants.  Still, it’s […]  More

Schubin Cafe Serving up 3D HDMI Specification

Mark Schubin today offers up a link to the new 3D portion of the HDMI specification, courtesy of Aldo Cugnini in Display Daily. But then again, it may not be “the” definitive consumer 3D standard as, according to Cugnini, “It is format-agnostic, providing support for seven video-format configurations called ‘3D structures,’ and leaving room for […]  More

Schubin Cafe’s Lunch Special: 2D (Not 3D) Glasses

Mark Schubin today dives into a topic that hit us on the living room couch this weekend when we were made to sit through a 3D Michael Jackson tribute during the Grammy’s telecast without the necessary 3D anaglyph glasses. But Mark looks at the bigger problem: when the Super Bowl or another big event makes […]  More

Mark Schubin on “This Thing Called 3D”

It has been a heck of a month for 3D announcements.  Comcast carried The Final Destination in 3D on the day of its DVD release. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) seemed all about 3D.  The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued a report on 3D TV.  The program recently posted for next month’s Hollywood Post Alliance […]  More

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