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SPIRIT was created in response to a pressing need in the sports production community to better reflect a diverse culture. By doing so the community not only becomes richer spiritually but the content becomes better, the work environment stronger, and the workforce happier and more productive.

Sports production is in a unique position to lead the charge when it comes to diversity. The athletes are diverse, the on-air talent is diverse, and the viewership is diverse. It is our goal to take advantage of all of that diversity and inclusion and ensure that the production side of the industry reflects societal diversity in a meaningful way.

If you are already a part of the sports production community your SPIRIT engagement begins by joining SPIN, SVG’s Sports Production Inclusion Network.

SPIN is designed to facilitate greater opportunity for those within the industry to connect with the decision makers who are offering new job opportunities and to also help all work environments reflect the needs and interests of all employees.

SPIN is free to join and by becoming part of the SPIN community you will have access to resources and events that are designed to help you and your organization better understand the challenges, opportunities, and best practices to become more inclusive and reflect the diversity of a workforce.

Goals include:

  • Bring together production professionals with diversity officers and HR professionals so that each side can work more efficiently to make the industry more inclusive and diverse.
  • Create a knowledge resource base of documents, videos, and more that production professionals can use to create better conversations around diversity and inclusion.
  • Click HERE today to sign up and become part of the SPIN community! Once approved you will be added to our newsletter email list where we will share tips, connect you to online Webinars and resources, and much more.

While SPIN addresses the needs and challenges of inclusion within an organization, SDI is designed to address the needs and challenges of diversity within an organization. How? By creating bonds between sports production entities and the numerous organizations that are focused on career development and job opportunities.

Becoming part of SDI means signing on as a “SPIRIT Guide.” Guides are volunteers who are in the sports production community want to build a one-to-one relationship with an organization that works with children and students. The Guide’s goal is to be available to the organization they are working with as a mentor for that organization so that it can build a better relationship with local and national sports production entities that may have a great hiring or training fit.
SPIRIT Guides will also help their organization get better exposure to the broader community by helping create a listing for the SVG SDI Directory which will provide information about organizations that are working hard to make a difference.

To learn more please contact Ken Kerschbaumer at [email protected]

For many teens and students, a career in sports production begins and ends with trying to become on-air talent. Why? Because that is the only career in sports-production they are aware of. SPIRIT VOICES will change that as it will offer a rich collection of videos and other assets where men and women of all races discuss their job, what makes it exciting, and how someone can begin to take the steps necessary to work in that position.

The goal is to inspire everyone, regardless of race or gender with insights into how they joined the industry, how they excelled, and more.

Once the SVG VOICES Website is live students and others interested in a career in sports production will be able to search for a position based on what part of the industry they want to work in (Production, Engineering, Operations, Artistic Crafts, Service and Technology Partner) or type of organization (Broadcaster, Production Company, League, Team, Social Media, Streaming Platform).

If you are interested in helping become part of the VOICES initiative, please contact Ken Kerschbaumer at [email protected].

HBCU Bridge is designed to connect broadcasters, leagues, teams, and production companies with students who want to enter the industry via paid internships, apprenticeships, or fulltime employment.

Our goal is to make it easier for students and young graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to learn about and even experience first-hand the various career opportunities related to sports TV and digital content creation and distribution. Opportunities will range from behind-the-scenes tours, virtual and in-person lectures, internships, and even part-time and full-time career opportunities.

More information on how to apply coming soon!



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