Top 10 Reasons Being A Truck Guy (or Gal) Is Tougher Than It Looks

When Lou Borrelli, NEP CEO, delivered two lists of observations about life in the remote sports production business at Tuesday’s League Technology Summit in New York he struck a universal (and humorous) chord. Herewith are the two lists in their entirety.

Top 10 Reasons Being A Truck Guy (or Gal) Is Tougher Than It Looks….

10 – Useful life of technology is directly linked to production’s attention span

9 – Stadium architects can’t spell EXPANDO

8 – Credentials do not equal tickets

7 – Freelance is really French for “I broke it…”

6 – You can’t get there from here. Really, you can’t.

5 – High Definition doesn’t make anyone look any better or sound better than they really are.

4 – It’s pretty much impossible to park and power when there’s no place to park and there’s no power anyway

3 – The head of security at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

2 – The cost of an Ivy league education is less than an EVS

1 – NO is not in our dictionary.

You Might Be A Truck Guy (or Gal)…

If your hotel is 90 minutes from the venue AND you don’t have a parking pass.

If the only tools you need are a hammer, screwdriver, wire clippers and duct tape.

If you develop a twitch when you eat in your own home more than three nights in a row.

If you can say “sure, no problem” in 5 different languages.

If you think 26 cameras to cover basketball is a little overkill.

If you think a kid with a camcorder streaming a game on the Net is remote sports production…you are NOT a truck guy.

If your hotel has a free buffet during happy hour, a hot tub and 24 hour room service, is across the street from the venue AND you have a parking pass – you are definitely NOT a truck guy.

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