NAB Preview: Clear-Com To Debut Firmware Update for Tempest2400 Intercom

Clear-Com Communication Systems (a Vitec Group brand) will debut its enhanced firmware update for its Tempest2400 digital wireless intercom system at NAB they year. Tempest2400’s new firmware offers users three different modes of operation – normal mode, shared mode and split mode – each with new feature sets, including the ability to connect unlimited numbers of BeltStations to one Tempest2400 base station.

Building upon Tempest’s ability to stack up to 10 base stations, the new firmware update gives users the opportunity to combine three different modes of operation to improve workflow efficiency, regardless of production size. For example, while the standard normal mode allows up to five full duplex BeltStations per base station, the new shared mode enables an unlimited number of wireless users on a single base with any five having the ability to talk at any given time.  In split mode, users operate in a combination of normal and shared mode.

In addition to the new firmware enhancements, the Tempest2400 system – now in two- and four-channel versions – continues to offer users broad access to license-free communications even in the most crowded RF environments. Utilizing patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio technology to ensure quality communications, the Tempest2400 system operates license-free in the 2.4 GHz band worldwide, allowing interference-free communications even in areas heavily populated with other RF devices.  While Tempest operates in the same unlicensed spectrum as WiFi (802.11b/g), its unique RF design gives Tempest the ability to utilize the entire available spectrum over time, while using only a very narrow portion of the spectrum at any one moment. This narrow band hopping technology complements WiFi’s wideband RF signature.  With today’s professional broadcast studios and arenas inherently packed with WiFi devices – including video controllers commonly found in any broadcast facility – Tempest’s superior technology allows the system to coexist comfortably with WiFi, providing greater range and performance for customers than competing products.

Tempest also offers users tremendous flexibility, providing the same robust RF performance in all types of production environments, indoors and outdoors.  Proprietary 2xTx redundant audio transmission technology built into the Tempest system also ensures that all information broadcast via the digital wireless intercom system is sent over two different frequencies at two different times.  As the frequencies are separated into two different parts of the 2.4 GHz band, the robust Tempest system ensures that at least one of the signals will pass through an interference-free area of the spectrum.

“The Tempest2400 system has superior range and performance, even in the face of significant interference, than other 2.4 GHz wireless intercom products available on the market,” says Stephen Sandford, Product Manager at Clear-Com.  “The system’s patented technology gives it a better interference rejection characteristic than other systems, delivering a more reliable, drop-out free communications experience.  Our current and potential customers also appreciate the system’s ease of use – though this is a highly intelligent technology, it is still incredibly user friendly, reducing the need for additional training time.”

In addition, Tempest also allows users to free up much needed UHF space. Due to the recent FCC spectrum auction, many users have focused on migrating their existing communications out of the UHF space, making room for wireless devices, such as microphones and IFB devices not suitable for use in other frequencies.  Replacing previous intercom systems with Tempest and transferring communications to the 2.4 GHz band makes additional space available for these devices, giving users further spectrum efficiency. Unlike older analog UHF systems, Tempest does not require frequency coordination. This allows customers to use the system for live broadcasts in venues all over the world without the complexity and additional cost of site surveys and intermodulation calculations.

Tempest users also find critical benefits in the system’s corresponding BeltStations.  The Tempest BeltStation’s user interface operates similarly to a wired beltpack, allowing easy understanding and ease of use.  Users require no additional RF understanding, making it easy to get a crew up and running on the system without special instruction.

Visit Clear-Com at NAB at booth C6025.

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