NAB 2012: Telecast Fiber Hits Vegas with Terrapin Transceiver, Commlink Intercomm, Thor Extenders in Tow

Telecast Fiber Systems announced the launch of the Terrapin FTR-D6, a 3Gb/s fiber optic video transceiver that also incorporates a six-output distribution amplifier. With four modes of operation, the Terrapin is a compact, bidirectional throw-down device that is ideal for distributing an HD video signal to several locations within a large venue.

“In a typical live OB production such as a sports or entertainment event, production team members such as lighting directors, sound engineers, and producers are scattered throughout the venue — and all of them need to be able to monitor the main video feed,” said Steve DeFrancesco, vice president and general manager, Telecast Fiber Systems. “The Terrapin is the perfect solution for this type of production, offering an extremely easy-to-use and low-cost solution that harnesses the light weight and distance-spanning capabilities of fiber.”

The new Terrapin FTR-D6 features both a fiber optic (ST) input and a copper (BNC) input, as well as a fiber optic output (ST) and six copper (BNC) outputs. A single push-button operation makes it easy to switch among four modes. The first mode enables the Terrapin to act as an HD/SDI distribution amplifier with six BNC outputs and an ST output.

Mode 2 supports a typical “tap and drop” installation in which the Terrapin is used as a receiver and retransmitter to feed six different monitor locations. Mode 2 also supplies a fiber output to reclock and regenerate the signal to another location, where an additional Terrapin can be added to feed six additional monitors. In this manner, any number of Terrapins can be added to support a large production with no degradation in signal quality.

In Mode 3, the Terrapin acts as a transceiver to receive a signal from a distant location and then transmit it via the six BNC outputs. Finally, Mode 4 is a pure SDI distribution amplifier and fiber booster, enabling the Terrapin to provide multiple outputs from a single BNC signal.

CommLink Intercom
Telecast Fiber Systems has launched the new TR6442i CommLink Intercom system. The system transports two intercom channels via one strand of single mode fiber up to 30 KM, provides advanced automatic digital nulling, and is compatible with most partyline and digital matrix intercom systems.

The TR6442i CommLink Intercom system is available in 3 mechanical configurations: Rack-mountable in Viper II Frame, Viper II Throwdown, and Mini Mussel enclosure for harsh environments.
The TR6442i CommLink can be powered by a partyline system or 12VDC and acts as a power supply for up to ten intercom belt packs.

It allows an extension of intercom and conversion of 4 wire to 2 wire, solving the problem of talking to the uplink truck and setting up a floor director’s headset without using existing copper or running new.

By the Hammer of Thor
Telecast Fiber Systems will showcase several new members of its Thor family of fiber optic extenders for broadcasting, government, and professional A/V applications. In environments such as hospitals, airports, or casinos, the Thor series enables operators to drive arrays of high-resolution flat-panel displays digitally through their DVI or HDMI interfaces to achieve optimum image quality. The new additions include the Thor DE modular DVI extender, the Thor DE Throwdown DVI with audio extender, the Thor DA Throwdown HDMI distribution amplifier, and the Thor-SXL mission-critical KVM switcher.

The Thor DE is an optical DVI with audio fiber extender that offers a high-performance uncompressed data link for connecting video and audio sources to displays. The Thor DE consists of transmit and receive modules that use CWDM optical multiplexing to transmit four channels of WUXGA (1920×1200) graphic signals with a 60-Hz refresh rate over two fibers with LC connectors. At this data rate, this module can extend up to 2 km (6,000 feet) — a capability that makes it ideal for large A/V and digital signage installations at college campuses, corporate facilities, and sports/entertainment venues.

The companion Thor DE Throwdown DVI and audio extender drives uncompressed WUXGA (1920×1200) signals with a 60-Hz refresh rate using CWDM optical multiplexing that transmits four data channels over only one fiber. At this data rate, this module can extend up to 1 km (4,920 feet) over one single-mode fiber and 500 m over multi-mode fiber without any distributions.

The Thor DA Throwdown HDMI Distribution Amplifier allows one HDMI (TMDS) single-link digital video signal to be split into multiple digital displays, with a built-in amplification function that enables HDMI signal distribution without signal loss. The system is built to deliver the highest quality picture, preserving the native resolution of the video source without any signal loss. Any digital noise that may affect the picture quality is eliminated, and the signal strength is enhanced to preserve the video signal quality. The Thor DA supports resolutions from 480p to 1080i/p (VGA to WUXGA).

The Thor-SXL is a new mission-critical KVM switcher in the Thor-S family of combination multiplexers, repeaters, and crosspoint switchers. The Thor-SXL enables customers to make cross-switching between up to 288 DVI/KVM sources, including computers, servers, and workstations. The switcher supports the DVI graphics interface (DVI-D) and, depending on the device, USB-driven human interface devices (HIDs) such as keyboards/mouses, touch screens, graphics tablets, and barcode readers.

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