PacTV, Eurovision Americas Test Downlinks-on-Demand Service

Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a Los Angeles-based independent global transmission and production company, is currently beta-testing its new Downlinks-on-Demand service with the Washington D.C. bureau of Eurovision Americas, a division of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The testing involves PacTV’s Evertz XRF6 router, which is currently expanding to 64 inputs and 32 outputs, with room for a full 64 outputs. Ultimately, PacTV’s Downlinks-on-Demand will provide clients around the world the ability to remotely control and downlink from any fixed dish at PacTV Los Angeles.

A new Downlinks-on-Demand service is being tested by PacTV in Los Angeles.

“We are very excited to start beta-testing this new service,” says Jakob Nielsen, PacTV’s Projects Coordinator. “It is really quite revolutionary to give our clients, both here and abroad, the ability to connect to and downlink simply by using a GUI on a dedicated website with a fixed monthly port cost. This new service will integrate client router systems with PacTV’s so they can easily select which satellite they want and automatically log the switches into their equipment.”

A large part of this beta testing also involves CompuSat Satellite Control and Automation Systems by Image Communications. PacTV has engaged the company to customize its software so that it will allow PacTV’s control system to work with its Evertz Demodulators.

“As additional needs arise for specific features, we can work with CompuSat to develop that,” says Nielsen. “It will give us the ability to tie PacTV’s controls into any router, tape machine or other control system in the world. By using the SCP public domain interface, any control system worldwide will be able to interface with our CompuSat system. CompuSat is a widely used software company and we look forward to working with them through this product development.”

In addition to Eurovision Americas, Network 7 Sydney’s Los Angeles bureau, is planning to utilize the new service beginning early this summer. When deployed, Network 7 Sydney will have two dedicated RF ports; one for AMC1 and the other for itinerant work from PacTV’s extensive inventory of fixed dishes.

PacTV Los Angeles’s Downlinks-on-Demand service is scheduled for full deployment by Fall 2012.  Its current fixed satellite dish lineup includes:

DISH   3 – 4.5 Meter Andrew GAL 16 C/Ku
DISH   4 – 4.5 Meter Andrew GAL 28 C/Ku
DISH   5 – 4.5 Meter Andrew AMC 9 C/Ku
DISH   6 – 4.5 Meter Andrew AMC 6 C/Ku
DISH   7 – 3.7 Meter DH AMC 1 C/Ku
DISH   8 – 3.7 Meter DH GAL 18 Ku  – will be upgraded to C/Ku in April
DISH   9 – 4.5 Meter Patriot GAL 19 C/Ku
DISH 10 – 4.5 Meter Patriot GAL 3C C/Ku
DISH 11 – 4.5 Meter Andrew GAL 14 C/Ku
DISH 12 – 4.5 Meter Andrew TBD
DISH 13 – 3.1 Meter Patriot Fixed AMC 3 C/Ku
DISH 15 – 1.8 Meter DH GAL 17 Ku – will be upgraded to 2.4 Meter Winegard in April

In addition, PacTV maintains the following four steerable dishes, which are available at an additional charge:


DISH   1 – 4.5 Meter Patriot Steerable C (swings from 72West to 139West
DISH   2 – 4.5 Meter Patriot Steerable C/Ku (swings from 72West to 139West)
DISH 14 – 2.4 Meter Winegard Steerable Ku (swings from 58West to 128West)
DISH 20 – 3.7 Meter Steerable between IS-805, IS-9, AMAZONAS 1&2 C-Band

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