wTVision Supplies AR, Broadcast Graphics for UEFA Youth League, Maldives Presidential Elections

wTVision’s creative team designed the new on-air graphics for the UEFA Youth League, the Under-19 football competition for all 32 clubs that qualified for the Champions League and the 32 national youth champions. In addition, wTVision took the opportunity to present VVTR at IBC, an intuitive digital product designed to replace a regular professional broadcast VTR and modernize any broadcast workflow. Lastly, wTVision covered the Maldives Presidential Elections, for the Public Service Media (PSM) Channel, the local public broadcaster, managing the official data and providing the real-time graphics and Augmented Reality in the most innovative election coverage in Maldives’ democracy.

wTVision Designs On-Air Graphics for Two UEFA Competitions
The broadcast design team also implemented the animations and detailed on-air graphics for the UEFA international friendly matches, already included in the upcoming fixtures of the European national teams and in events like Wales vs. Spain or Belgium vs. The Netherlands.

The comprehensive project for the next three seasons includes the redesign and animations for the UEFA Friendlies, all based on the existing concept, and the new on-air graphics for the Youth League, based on the design of the competition’s opening.

A team of wTVision’s designers worked hard to guarantee a simpler and fresher look present in dozens of UEFA games for the 2018/2019 season, all inspired in the refined brand identity adopted by the governing body of football in Europe.

wTVision’s wide experience with broadcast graphics and TV productions, on different specialities and layers within the broadcasting industry, enhances the effectiveness of its creative work by enriching it with detailed technical considerations that cannot be provided by a standalone creative agency.

UEFA joins a vast portfolio of associations and competitions that rely on wTVision’s creativity and experience to develop concepts that enrich the viewer’s experience and enhance the client’s brand.

wTVision Covers Maldives Presidential Elections
In a collaboration with PSM, wTVision developed both creative and technical aspects of the operation to implement the real-time graphics and the live Augmented Reality. PSM left on wTVision’s hands the complete branding design of the electoral night including the logo, opening title, wipes, and all the on-air graphics used during the live show. All the Augmented Reality graphics were also developed by wTVision’s design team.

Elections CG, wTVision’s dedicated software that imports, manages and transforms detailed data into high-resolution graphics, in real-time, followed the statistical progress thanks to a web application designed specifically for this project. Every voting box inserted the official results into the app and data was then gathered, validated and aired.

In addition, journalists were also provided with a dedicated web application that constantly updated detailed information about results, votes counted and changes in the leading board. This interactive tool supported political analysts in the unpredictability of the election night.

This was the first time Maldives TV audience got the chance to follow their local election with such unique and innovative virtual graphics.

Modernize Your Broadcast Workflow With VVTR
Inspired in the VTR’s reliability, this new tool accesses previously recorded clips from an integrated clip library and records baseband video with up to 16 audio channels. In addition, it is possible to choose a house codec and file format, and preview inputs/outputs directly on the multiviewer’ interface.

VVTR can be used as a manual redundancy for playout automation, assuring the continuity of the content as a backup tool. It replaces the traditional VTR and allows any operator to have a manual redundant path to playout and keep ads ready to play in case of an automation failure. Even if the entire workflow collapses, VVTR is a simple tool with no need for any complementary system to ensure manual redundancy and continuous playout of any channel.

To guarantee Media Transfers do not fail, wTVision designed a Multi FTP Downloader as a companion app for VVTR. It caches the contents of multiple FTP servers and facilitates media discovery and the easy retrieval of files from multiple destinations into existing automation locations.

VVTR is a self-contained system. Clips can be recorded and played back in a variety of codecs and file formats, namely XDCAM 50 or IMX30 in MXF files. VVTR records closed captions in WST/ OP-47, 608 and 708.

Password must contain the following:

A lowercase letter

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A number

Minimum 8 characters